How do you turn off the Change Oil light on a 2010 Dodge Ram?


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The Change Oil light in a 2010 Dodge Ram can be reset by turning the vehicle key to the "on" position, depressing the gas pedal three times in succession and then turning the the key back to "off." This simple solution resets the light until the next needed oil change. If a copy of the Owner's Manual is required, it can be downloaded from the official Ram Trucks website.

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  1. Enter your vehicle

    Open the driver's side door to your 2010 Dodge Ram, and sit down in the driver's seat.

  2. Insert keys

    Insert your keys into the ignition. Turn the keys to the On position, but do not turn the keys so far that you turn on the engine. You should only turn them far enough so the electrical devices in the car are operational.

  3. Press the gas pedal three times

    Press down on the gas pedal firmly three times with your right foot. Ensure that each depression of the pedal is firm. All three presses must occur within a 10-second period.

  4. Turn the ignition switch off

    Turn the ignition switch back to the left until it reaches the Off position. Remove the keys.

  5. Turn the engine on

    Insert the keys again, and turn them to the right until the engine runs. The Change Oil light should no longer be visible.

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