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Red links in articles help by showing desired redirects or notable pages. ..... For a full list of editing commands, see Wiki markup; To experiment with editing, use ...

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no ''markup''. Escape wiki markup once, [[Special:MyLanguage/API:Main page| API]]<nowiki/> extension. API extension.

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Pogrubiony i pochylony. Tekst przekreślony, <strike> tekst przekreślony </strike>, tekst przekreślony. Escape wiki markup

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Nov 27, 2005 ... For basic information see Help:Editing. ... some HTML tags, too. However, you should avoid HTML in favor of Wiki markup whenever possible.

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Nov 26, 2015 ... If you need help with syntax that is not listed here, the Mediawiki ... in a numbered list using the wiki markup, it causes the numbering to restart.

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Feb 22, 2013 ... The result format json is used to produce links to JSON files. The export syntax has changed starting with SMW 1.8.0. The change in the export ...

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Wikis support content that's written just like everywhere else on GitHub. We also support some of the syntax supported by MediaWiki. No matter which markup ...

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JAMWiki utilizes the same syntax as Mediawiki, and you can format your text using wiki markup. This consists of normal characters like asterisks, single quotes  ...

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In actuality, MediaWiki syntax is no more difficult than Textile, in some cases even ... Furthermore, there is a good thing to understand about using wiki's for CMS ...

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Easily create tables in MediaWiki format used on wiki pages.

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no ''markup''. Escape wiki markup once, [[Special:MyLanguage/API:Main page| API]]<nowiki/> extension. API extension.

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You could try the following wiki syntax, it works for me on 1.17 # one #:<pre> #:: some ... In MediaWiki (wikipedia's) wiki syntax, is there a way to have a .... We also have an entire Help:Newlines and spaces page and a specific ...

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The following is an overview of text formatting available in Mediawiki: ... treated as within NOWIKI element, leaving all the HTML and wiki markup uninterpreted.