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Gels, pomades, mousse, sprays, blow dryers, flat irons, hair bands, clips, brushes , and on and on and on...will it ever stop? The variety and quantity of hair ...


Jan 16, 2008 ... It's a jungle of gels, sprays and mousses out there in the styling aisles. ... Wet: apply gel directly onto wet hair and leave to dry naturally. ... hair around a round brush while you blow-dry it and your hair will stay put for longer.


Not only are gels, mousses and sprays destroying the hair shaft and risking scalp ... And we wear this all day on our hair which goes into our scalp through the pores ... alcohol – with repeated usage it can dry the skin and hair and is toxic in ..... me you know a women's hair is her crown and what can i used besides gel etc.to ...


Do you prefer spray or lacquer, gel or wax, lotion, tonic or mousse? Besides, how are all those styling products used properly? ... Stay with us and learn what the products can do and whether they are right for your hair ... Bouncy curly tops need light flexible sprays while swept-up hairdos ('updos' like French twists, buns etc.) ...


Mousse: Everyone can use it, in quantities ranging from a tennis-ball to ... Ye Olde Volumizer: Available in many shapes and forms (sprays, foams, etc.) .... a Need for Speed: I wouldn't say that I've always avoided hair gel, because I don't think I ...


Gel is the modern-day version of hair grease, providing that slicker, wet look with stronger holds for many men with thicker, short to ... Wax can be used on wet or dry hair, but it is easier to apply on wet hair. ... (Clay, Putty, Paste, Mud, Fiber, etc. ) ... Hair mousse is an effective option for those looking to add volume to their hair .


Mar 26, 2017 ... A dab of molasses can create a great hair pomade or wax. ... Conventional mousses actually use loads of alcohol which tend to dry out your ...


Sep 26, 2012 ... Mousse — what does it do and who needs it? Hair shine from a pump vs. hair shine from a spray — I've been using this but I don't really know what if anything it's ... When do I use hairspray? ... And when do people use gel?


What is the correct way to use hairspray? Apply it to ... What is the correct way to apply styling mousse? ... What about the daily use of styling products? If you style your hair every day you should brush out hairspray or gels before bed to prevent hair breakage. ... How can I protect my hair when straightening or blow-drying it?