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Apr 4, 2017 ... Recommendations for faster healing from your tongue piercing. ... The questions on most people's mind before having a tongue piercing are “Will it hurt to have my tongue pierced? ... It hurt a lot less than having anaesthetic injections into my mouth before I .... I live in singapore and did it at a tattoo parlor.


Is tongue piercing painful, does piercing your tongue hurt or how painful is the ... much a tongue piercing hurt more than belly button piercing or even more than nose ... chances of getting infection before you can begin on your after care routine. ... of a tongue piercing quite low on the scale of pain” [tattoos.lovetoknow. com].


Average piercing time (ACTUALLY under the needle, not including preparation): ... A piercing could conceivably hurt more than a tattoo, but, again, ... Can I pierce my own tongue? ... going to be feel very different than if you were to do it on your tragus, ... Having a good company along the process helps.


Jul 26, 2017 ... How much does getting your tongue pierced hurt, how bad is the pain. ... The first time I was 15, and then I let it close after about a year. Then ... I had my tongue peirced at a tattoo shop and they had me gargle some mouth wash for much ... But for the most part, after the initial healing period it was pain free.

May 13, 2010 ... Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats ... got my tongue pierced.. owyyyy!!!! tattoo hurts less. ... Show more