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Piano tuning


Many factors cause pianos to go out of tune, particularly atmospheric changes. For instance, changes in humidity will affect the pitch of a piano; high humidity ...

How does string gauge affect a guitar's sound and playability ...


Nov 16, 2011 ... What effect does my choice of string gauge have on the sound of my ... to the extent that a beginner can have trouble playing a chord in tune, ...

Why do some artists tune their guitars half a step or whole step down?


Jan 20, 2011 ... I have purchased software that enables me to adjust the pitch of songs without affecting the tempo, etc, and my guitar tab software can ...

The Science of Tuning Musical Instruments - Get-Tuned.com


Well, there are many factors why an instrument may go out of tune. Some instruments get 'out of tune' with damage or age (warping) when they will no longer ...

Tone Tips: Maximizing Tuning Stability | Premier Guitar


Mar 10, 2015 ... There's nothing more excruciating than listening to an out-of-tune violinist! ... your guitar—such as the truss rod—that could affect the length of the string ... You can avoid using string trees on Fender-style guitars by winding the ...

Voicing (Tone Regulation) - Piano Technicians Guild


What is the difference between tuning and voicing? What is ... Tone can be changed without affecting the pitch. ... What does the perfect piano tone sound like?

Frequency and Pitch - NDE/NDT Resource Center


Sound waves traveling through the air or other mediums sometimes affect the objects that ... Resonance does not happen very often and only affects object close to the ... or loosen their strings, they are altering the pitches to make them in tune.

Does temperature affect the sound of a musical instrument ...


Apr 2, 2007 ... Temperature can affect the sound of an instrument in a variety of ways, ... Most temperature-related issues can be corrected by tuning either the ...

Engineer's Guide To Tuning and Damping Drums - Sound On Sound


Although you can pick and choose mics and processors to shape the sound of a ... affect the tone you'll get from it, they won't affect the basic principles of tuning ...

Down But Not Out: Drop-Tuning Like a Pro | Seymour Duncan


Dec 11, 2012 ... What do we need to do – just tune down the strings to the lowered .... But intonation adjustments only affect intonation, so saving that step for ...

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Q: Does Tuning affect the Tone?
A: Tuning sets the correct pitch of each note. It is impossible for tuning to ever affect the tonal quality of the piano. The tonal quality of a piano can most oft... Read More »
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Q: Does the tuning peg configuration affect the tone or sound of an ...
A: yes in the sense that you achieve different tunings , some people tune lower to achieve heavier sounds , some people tune higher for a nicer sound for say folk ... Read More »
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Q: Does tuning affect the tone?
A: Tuning sets the correct pitch of each note. It is impossible for tuning to ever affect the tonal quality of the piano. Read More »
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Q: How does tone affects message?
A: Tone affects the overall attitude of a piece of literature or art. Basically, if the tone is happy, the message taken from the work would most likely be happy o... Read More »
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Q: What is impedence and how does it affect the tone or power of an ...
A: Electricity. the total opposition to alter... Read More »
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