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The phrase "two plus two equals five" ("2 + 2 = 5") is a slogan used in many different forms of media, most notably in Part One, Chapter Seven of the book 1984 ...

Dec 14, 2010 ... Here is a mathematical proof to show that 2+2 is equal to 5..... This is just a trick.... which has now been revealed in the comments history.


Apr 30, 2014 ... While browsing I came across a weird proof which says 2 + 2 = 5 . The proof is like this: enter image description here. After going through this ...


Jun 24, 2014 ... 2 + 2 = ? appears to be one of the easiest problems in mathematics, and it is probably one of the first you ever encountered. If Kate has 2 ...


There are two possible cases to solve this question. CASE 1 : If the question is framed as 2+2/2 then by using BODMAS we have 2+(1) which equals to 3.


Sorry the question was 2+2. This might seem like an absurd question, ... I guess to answer the question we'd need some more information. What would you want  ...


Aug 17, 2009 ... if u have two small knives and two large knives than u have five knives. ... three small knives therefore u have 5 knives. two plus two equals five.


Believe it or not, sometimes 2 + 2 does not equal 4. It depends on what type of measurement scale you are using. There are four types of measurement scales ...


2+2=5 comes from the book "1984", where the Government had so deeply ... Interesting fact: 2.4 (which rounds to 2) plus 2.3 (which rounds to 2) is equal to 4.7 ...