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A whitelist is a list or register of entities that provide a particular privilege, service, mobility, ... If a spam filter keeps a whitelist, mail from the listed email addresses, domains, and/or IP address will always be allowed. Typically, a user has to ...


Aug 22, 2016 ... You can edit the default spam filter policy to configure your company-wide spam filter settings ... Add trusted domains to the Domain allow list.


Jun 18, 2015 ... Very soon, if not already, you will see two new entries in your Spam Filter in Exchange Online Protection, Allow Lists & Block Lists.


You can use a safe sender list or a mail flow rule to bypass spam filtering and prevent ... Prevent false positive email by using the connection filter's IP allow list.


This helps to prevent the false negative issue, where email spam is allowed ... Emails from a sender or domain on a spam filter block list will marked as spam.


Connection filtering checks the reputation of the sender before allowing a message to get through. You can create an allow list, or safe sender list, to make sure ...


We are running exchange 2010 and are using the built in anti-spam feature. We have set up Content Filtering, IP Block List Providers, Sender ...


The Allow List identifies specific hosts and senders to be ... the mail filter; therefore bypassing the Anti-Spam tests.


Nov 4, 2013 ... Click the “+” and select “Bypass spam filtering” from the resulting ... name “Spam Whitelist” since I envision using this list to allow delivery from ...


If you are using a cloud-based spam filter, you will need to whitelist by email header in your mail server and ... -Setting up an IP Allow List in Exchange 2007.