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High vitamin C foods include bell peppers, dark leafy greens, kiwifruit, broccoli, berries, citrus ... 2 medium tomatoes contain just 44 calories and 0.3 grams of fat.

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Make cold and flu season more bearable by eating foods rich in vitamin C. These foods contain even more vitamin C than oranges.

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Feb 25, 2011 ... Get your daily vitamin C intake by consuming these foods. ... This exotic fruit is another great vitamin C food, with one Guava containing over ...

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Nov 11, 2016 ... A deficiency in vitamin A can lead to blindness and increased viral infection, however ... Other Types of Carrot High in Vitamin A (%DV per cup): Frozen Carrots, ..... So you can also try to get more vitamin A just from foods.

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Some Vitamin A health benefits will require you to eat foods that are rich in ... Our digestive tract can get exposed on a daily basis to potentially unwanted ...

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Find out the Top 10 Vitamin A Foods to eat! ... Vitamin A Rich Foods - Dr.Axe ... A vitamin A deficiency will lead to night blindness and can eventually cause ... Dr. Josh Axe is on a mission to provide you and your family with the highest quality ...

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WebMD explains the importance of iron-rich foods and which food sources to tap to get the iron your body needs.

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The body is able to regulate uptake of iron, so overdose is rare and usually only occurs when people take supplements. Iron from natural food sources, like the ...

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Aug 25, 2014 ... Iron-rich foods are an essential part of any balanced diet. Know which foods are high in ... Are You Eating Enough Iron-rich Food? Getty Images.