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This is a list of the longest-running television shows by category. The criterion for being the ... Science fiction series, Doctor Who, United Kingdom, BBC One: 1963 –1989, 1996, 2005–pre...

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How-To Geek. GEEK TRIVIA. What Is The Longest Running Sci-Fi TV Series? Stargate. Dr. Who. Star Trek. The X-Files. Kinescoping Was An Early Method Of?

Longest Running Science Fiction TV Series - Guinness World Records


As of 25 December 2015, a total of 826 episodes of Doctor Who (BBC, UK) had been aired. This total encompasses the original run (1963–89; 694 episodes) ...

What's the longest-running U.S. sci-fi show? | EW.com


Oct 25, 2005 ... ... Claudia Black) become the longest-running sci-fi series in American TV history, now that SciFi Channel has renewed it for a 10th season.

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Jul 12, 2016 ... star trek enterprise tv series The 20 Best Science Fiction TV Series Of .... One of the longest running sci-fi series of all time, Stargate SG-1 was ...

Record Breaker? – Does Stargate Really Beat Who As Longest ...


Sep 26, 2006 ... ... 203 episodes listed as the longest running scifi show in television ... is the longest running sci-fi show in US television history, which it is.

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The longest-running Superman TV series. ..... Record) for being the longest consecutively running Sci-Fi television serial of all time (10 years without a break) .

If Doctor Who is the longest running sci-fi show, what is the longest ...


According to Wikipedia's list of longest running U.S. series, the longest running TV show is NBC's Meet the Press, which has aired over 17,500 episodes and is still ...

10 Best SCI-FI TV Shows of All Time - Newsarama


Oct 16, 2013 ... Newsarama counts down the Top Best Science Fiction television shows of all time, from Star Trek to Dr. Who.

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... Sci-Fi Television Series There is no television genre that is more out of this world and outright boundless. ... What is the longest running Sci-Fi series to date ?

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Longest Running Sci Fi TV Shows: List of Epic Science Fiction on TV


List of the longest-running science fiction TV shows in US history. These sci-fi TV series have more episodes than any others in American television. Some of the ...

BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Dr Who 'longest-running sci-fi'


Sep 28, 2006 ... Doctor Who has been named TV's longest-running sci-fi show, after 43 years and 723 episodes, according to the Guinness Book of Records.

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Feb 21, 2011 ... Nerds have the best TV shows to make lists about. To flame about. Case in point: Our rank and file of the Top 50 Best Sci-Fi TV shows in the ...