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Pristiophorus nancyae


The African dwarf sawshark or Dwarf sawshark, Pristiophorus nancyae, is a sawshark of the family Pristiophoridae. The species was discovered in 2011 when a ...

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It differs from the sympatric occurring six-gilled sawshark, Pliotrema warreni, most notably by having 5 paired gill openings as opposed to 6 (Ref. 87357).

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Jul 28, 2014 ... For example, sawsharks have gills at the sides of their heads like ... Pristiophorus nancyae / African Dwarf Sawshark, Dave Ebert, PSRC at ...

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Dec 30, 2011 ... The African dwarf sawshark, one of four new sharks discovered in 2011. ... Along with the sawshark, a new species of angel shark, Squatina ...

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Now, along with sawshark teeth, we offer our visitors access to the teeth from dozens ... (Shortnose sawshark); Pristiophorus nancyae (African dwarf sawshark)  ...

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Apr 3, 2013 ... The characteristic mouth and saw with barbels of a sawshark ... Pristiophorus nancyae, the African dwarf sawshark (only discovered in 2011 in ...

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May 4, 2016 ... The African Dwarf Sawshark, also nicknamed the “Rapier-Wielding Sawshark” was discovered in 2011 of the coast of Mozambique. The shark ...

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…a species of sawshark (Pristiophoridae) which occurs in the northwest Pacific Ocean .... The African dwarf sawshark (Pristiophorus nancyae) was accidentally ...

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Description, classification, synonyms, distribution map, bibliography and images of Pristiophorus nancyae - African dwarf sawshark.

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Dwarf Sawshark Philippine Sawshark Bahamas Sawshark Tropical Australian Sawshark Eastern Australian Sawshark Squaliformes (dogfish sharks) Short snout ...

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African Dwarf Sawshark; Bahamas Sawshark; Dwarf Sawshark; Eastern Sawshark; Japanese Sawshark. Longnose Sawshark; Philippine Sawshark; Shortnose ...

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A. Eastern Sawshark. Pristiophorus sp. B. Tropical Sawshark. Pristiophorus sp. Philippine Sawshark. Pristiophorus sp. Dwarf Sawshark (western Indian Ocean) ...

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Description: Sawsharks are slender sharks recognized for their long, flat snout. ... Sawshark, Tropical Sawshark, Dwarf Sawshark, and Philippine Sawshark.