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Ó Caiside


Ó Caiside is the name of a Gaelic-Irish family. ... The surname Ó Caiside was found in all regions of medieval Ireland, it been the ... An Giolla Glas Ó Caiside, fl.

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Aiedel O\'hEachthigheirn the Aten-Lande, Adela O Hearne. Aildhcinna mac .... Caíreach inghean uí Giolla Phadraig, Caíreach inghean uí Ghiolla Phádraig. called Kate, Caitilin .... Dierdriu (of Nahrun Kabirun), Muirenn Glas ingen Fháeláin. Dietmar ..... Mairead O Caiside, Márgrég inghean uí Chaiside. Maj Mortensen ...

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Ó Daire. usually Scottish, this name is sometimes found in Ireland. son of ..... Ó Caiside. meaning is unknown. Cathaír (m). KA heer. Cahir, Cathaoir ..... Giolla Chríst. GYIL la CHREESHT. Christian. servant of Christ. Glaisne (m). GLAS nyeh.

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Mac Brian” and “Giolla an Fhiugha” in Ireland) and poetry. ... “glass helmet” that allows him to travel underwater). ... Liam Ó Caiside is a frequent contributor to An.

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Dec 2, 2015 ... Mac Giolla Cheara, Diarmuid, Urris, Clonmany, East Inishowen, Donegal ... Nic Conaglaigh, Nóra, Glashagh, Clondavaddog, Kilmacrenan, Donegal (Fanad) ... Ó Caiside, Séamus, Teelin, Glencolumbkille, Banagh, Donegal ...

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angiolithic degeneration · An Giolla Glas Ó Caiside · Angiolo · angiologia · angiological. angiologist. Angiology · Angiolo Mazzoni · angiolupoid · angio‐ lupoide.

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angiolipomata · angiolith · angiolithic · angiolithic degeneration · An Giolla Glas Ó Caiside. Weblio英和和英辞典の検索ランキング. ▽1~10. ▽11~20. ▽21~30 ...

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Cairthinn. Caiside. Calbhach, Calvagh, Calbach, 'bald'. Callough. Caoilte .... Dubhghlas, Dubhglas, Dughlas, Douglas, 'dark' + 'blue' .... o leanbh - 'oh, child' .... With the spread of Christianity, bynames incorporating 'giolla' or 'maol' (follower ...

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(2) The determination of the Irish forms and the meanings as written by O' Donovan in the Field Name Books. See this set forth in vol. i. p. 7. This refer- ence , with ...

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submitted 1537; ennobled 1541, Brian Mac Giolla Phádraig ..... Subsequently, the chaos of this poorly recorded conflict caused the then bishop of Ossory, Felix O'Dulaney, .... A stained glass window icon of St. Ciarán of Saighir. ..... Gilla Mo Dutu Úa Caiside of Ard Brecáin, recites a number of key Ossorian kings and queens, ...

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Cassidy – Ó Cassidy – Ó Caiside is an ancient Irish name. ... One manuscript, written by An Giolla Glas Ó Caiside between 1515 and 1527, still exists and is in  ...

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A manuscript written by An Giolla Glas O'Caiside between 1515 and 1527 still exists and is in the library of Corpus Christi College, Oxford. Later famous Cassidy ...

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May 12, 2012 ... An Giolla Glas Ó Caiside is identified with the authorship of a medical manuscript between 1515 and 1527 which is now in the library (along ...

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A booklet Irish folklore and tradition was compiled by Seán Ó Súilleabháin, the IFC's ..... An Giolla Glas Ó Caiside is identified with the authorship of a medical ...

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As well as the Norman origin, two relatively uncommon Gaelic surnames, O Beargha and O ..... CASSIDY In Irish O Caiside, descendant of Caiside, from Cas, meaning ..... The original Giolla Phadraig from whom the surname is taken was the .... of a wide variety of Irish names containing uaithne, green, or glas, grey- green.