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The Basotho are a Bantu ethnic group whose ancestors have lived in southern Africa since around the fifth century. The Basotho nation emerged from the ...

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Apr 21, 2016 ... Moshoeshoe is seen as the father of the Basotho people as he was responsible for drawing together the scattered Sotho peoples who had ...

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Sotho (South Sotho or Basotho) people are concentrated in the Free State, Gauteng and Eastern Cape Provinces, with small groups in Namibia and Zambia.

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Basotho in Lesotho. Sotho speaking peoples have been in Southern Africa since around 1400 after moving to this area from central parts of Africa. The Basotho ...

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www.lesedifm.co.za/sabc/home/lesedifm/notices/details?id=5e9055d2-b7c8-4615-a839-c16d6cb1c77a&title=The Origin of the Basotho Nation

Jan 28, 2016 ... The Origins of the Basotho Nation. Like with many nations, there are mythical and historical stories of the origin of the Basotho nation. There is ...

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The Aranda basotho blanket has a deep cultural significance and history. What makes the Basotho blankets unique is the layout of the design, the various ...

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Basotho man Lesotho The Kingdom of Lesotho is a poor country rich in culture but with a small economy. This linked video highlights some of the issues ...

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Sep 18, 2015 ... Ellenberger spent more than 45 years collecting the oral traditions of the Basotho (also known as Sotho) people. His method was to gather “all ...

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History of the Basotho The emergence of Basotho as a nation occurred around 1818 when King Moshoeshoe (1786-1870) formed alliances with an amalgam of  ...

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The Basotho hat, a conical woven hat with a distinctive topknot, is a symbol of Lesotho's unification. It depicts a mountaintop, conical and topknotted, which is ...

Capital: Maseru
Population: 2,067,000
Conventional Name: Kingdom of Lesotho
Chief of State: King Letsie III
Head of State: Prime Minister Pakalitha Mosisili
National Anthem: Lesotho fatse la bo ntat'a rona (Lesotho, Land of Our Fathers)
Lyrics/Music: Francois Coillard/Ferdinand