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Ndzem–Bomwali. Njemic. Nzime. Dialects. Koonzime; Bajue (Badwee). Language codes. ISO 639-3 · ozm · Glottolog · koon1245 · Guthrie code. A. 841,842. Nzime (Koonzime) is a Bantu language of Cameroon, spoken by the Nzime and Dwe'e ...


Ndzem–Bomwali. Makaa. Byep. Language codes. ISO 639-3 · mkk · Glottolog · byep1241 · Guthrie code. A.831. Byep, or (North) Makaa, is a Bantu language of Cameroon. Although spoken by the Makaa ...


Ndzem–Bomwali. Yambe. Language codes. ISO 639-3, None ( mis ). Glottolog · yamb1255 · Guthrie code. none. Yambe is a Bantu language of the Gabonese rain forest, near the related language Shiwe.


Languages of Cameroon ... Bomwali · Bonkeng · Bubia · Buduma · Bukwen · Bulu (Cameroon) · Bum · Bung · Busam ... Extreme North Cameroon Sign Language.


Ndzem–Bomwali. Makaa. Kol. Language codes. ISO 639-3 · biw · Glottolog · kolc1235 · Guthrie code. A.832. Kol is a Niger–Congo language of the Bantu family. It is spoken in the East Province of ...


Possibly more than one pygmy language in Congo. Nomadic. ... Bomwali. [bmw] Sangha department: Ouesso district. 42,000 (2014 J. Leclerc). Total users in all ...


List of Bantu Language Names (in order by Guthrie number) ... A.87 Bomwali. A. 91 Kwakum. Bakum. A.92 Pomo. Pomo. A.92A Pol. A.92B Pomo. Pomo.


Ndzem–Bomwali. Makaa languages. Makaa. Dialects. Bebend; Mbwaanz; Sekunda. Language codes. ISO 639-3 · mcp · Glottolog · maka1304 · Guthrie code. A.83. Makaa (Maka), or South Makaa, is a Bantu language of Cameroon. It is not intelligible with the ...


American Samoa | Tokelauan language | code-tkl | 243 | NO recording. Angola | Bolo ..... Cameroon | Bomwali language | code-bmw | 7,253 | NO recording