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Makaa–Njem languages


Mvumboic (Kwasio); Pomo–Bomwali. Glottolog: maka1323 · {{{mapalt}}}. The Makaa–Njem languages (excluding Kako). The Makaa–Njem languages are a group of Bantu languages spoke...

List of Bantu Language Names (in order by Guthrie number)


A.85B Bekwil. Bakwele. A.86 Mbimu. A.86A Medjime. A.86B Mpiempo. Bombo. A. 86C Mpiemo. Mbimu. A.87 Bomwali. A.91 Kwakum. Bakum. A.92 Pomo. Pomo.

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Afghanistan | Pahlavani language | code-phv | 2,858 | NO recording. Afghanistan ..... Cameroon | Bomwali language | code-bmw | 7,253 | NO recording

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Different from Bagirmi [bmi] language of Chad, which is Nilo-Saharan. ..... Reportedly similar to Koonzime [ozm], Mpiemo [mcx], Bomwali [bmw], and Makaa [mcp] ...

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See on a map where a specific language is spoken.

Alphabetical List of Bantu Languages - cbold


List of Bantu Language Names ... There are 529 names listed here, with 1,621 cross references. click on the Language name to see the main entry ... Bombe: see A.24; Bombo: see A.86B; Bomboko: = A.21; Bomwali: = A.87; Bondei: = G.24  ...

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Red = LDS congregation present/language materials available Yellow = LDS ... LDS language materials unavailable Data from www.ethnologue.com.

List of languages of the world


This list of languages is alphabetical by English name of the language. More than 7000 ... Bomwali (République du Cameroun / Republic of Cameroon) Bomwali ...

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It is an official language of almost 60 sovereign states and is now a global lingua ...... BMW Bomwali bomwali 1950-05-09 bmx BMX Baimak baimak 1950-05-09 ...



... Armenian Herero Interlingua (International Auxiliary Language Association) .... Biao Mon Burum-Mindik Bum Bomwali Baimak Bemba (Democratic Republic of ...

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Nyanga-li [nyc] (A language of Congo (Kinshasa)). - Bira-Nyali (D.306) (1). Gbati- ri ... Bodo [boy] (A language of Central African Republic). - Bira-Nyali (D.31) (1).

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Although similar in culture, they are different in language. ..... Bomwali. [bmw] East region: east of Moloundou, Malapa village. 6,100 in Cameroon (2000). Status: ...

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Code Tables. Language codes · Macrolanguage mappings · Download ... Name: Bomwali. Status: Active. Code set: 639-3. Scope: Individual. Type: Living.