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Particle (previously a disambiguation page) is a broad and abstract concept used to address many ... Category:Broad-concept articles can be used for tracking.

On the Evolution of Wikipedia: Dynamics of Categories and Articles


present the distribution of Wikipedia articles over 14 broad topics and compare them ... “Categories” are special pages that are used to group ar- ticles together. E.g. .... Page Evolution. Wikipedia a has a concept of disambiguation pages1.

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Aug 30, 2016 ... Enter the terms (or key concepts) in the search box. 3. ... From the Clinical Queries page you can search by a clinical study category, find systematic reviews and run ... To find citations for a specific clinical study category: ... In PubMed, systematic reviews cover a broad set of articles that build consensus on ...

Named entity disambiguation by leveraging wikipedia semantic ...


Nov 2, 2009 ... Pages 215-224 ... Concepts in this article Expand Paper Concepts ... Semantic and episodic memory together make up the category of .... Large-Scale Named Entity Disambiguation Based on Wikipedia Data. In Proc. ...... Simply applying the ranking model trained for the broad-based search to the verticals .

Wikipedia in action: Ontological Knowledge in Text Categorization


Our method focuses on (i) converting a text document into a thematic .... of broad categories, such as semiconductor companies, technology ... We believe that such an article most likely contains a .... Text categorization using semantic concepts is a step away from ..... entities names included in the disambiguation pages.

Creating and Exploiting a Hybrid Knowledge Base for Linked Data


and ambitious, requiring broad ontological scope as well as detailed ... These basic Wikipedia pages are further augmented by category pages (e.g., biological ... text and knowledge available in a triple store, a possible approach is to convert .... Wikipedia article or concept in Wikipedia, this ID field helps in referencing re-.

Summarization using Wikipedia - Text Analysis Conference


Page 1 ... steps: keyphrase detection, concept disambiguation and link detection. We use .... broad category coverage of Wikipedia articles, together with the first ...

Notes on My Research Topics: May 2009


May 21, 2009 ... That is, Wikipedia articles actually organize themselves into groups, such that articles ... have a single close topic: either these are multiple topics or the topic is too broad. ... entries and to connect them with Wikipedia concepts via hyperlinks. ... very useful disambiguation pages, redirect pages, categories.

Constructing a Focused Taxonomy from a Document Collection


Page 1 ... From 2000 news articles we construct a custom taxonomy with 10,000 concepts and ... The first, initialization, converts documents to text. ... (b) a flexible disambiguation technique for resolving conflicting mappings and .... in the same document is a single instance of the pw:Ngram class. Fig. ..... of broad categories.

From Frequency to Meaning: Vector Space Models of ... - JAIR


We survey a broad range of applications in these three categories and we ... many of the concepts that are used in modern search engines (Manning, Raghavan, &. Schütze ..... and the column vectors correspond to documents (web pages, for example). .... Weaver (1955) argued that word sense disambiguation for machine ...

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Semantic Relatedness Metric for Wikipedia Concepts Based on Link ...


separate pages for ambiguous terms, and structured data for certain types ... Wikipedia concepts to compute a semantic relatedness measure1. ... the problem of word sense disambiguation using the relatedness ... However, some categories are very broad and consist of unrelated articles. .... We convert all Wikipedia terms.

SRCluster: Web Clustering Engine based on Wikipedia


Web document for clustering the document to its relevant concept. .... cluster and utilized outlinks and categories listed in Wikipedia article to ... ambiguous term ( including the Wikipedia disambiguation page), collect the .... Clustering Engine: The clustering engine component converts the preprocessed search results.

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Mar 31, 1992 ... Pages 152-155 ... Concepts in this article Expand Paper Concepts .... Steven J. DeRose, Grammatical category disambiguation by statistical ..... Timotius Tjahjadi , Che Wilcox, Extending a broad-coverage parser for a general NLP ... André Kempe, Look-back and look-ahead in the conversion of Hidden ...