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Talmudic Academies in Babylonia


Thus both Babylonian rabbinical schools opened their lectures brilliantly, and ... The school at Pumbedita recognized the preeminence of that of Sura; and this ...



Amram headed the rabbinical academy of Pumbedita (in Babylonia) in the ninth ... Account of the Jewish Sects and Christianity,” Hebrew Union College Annual ...... 49 Agudat Ezov attaches the Ashkenazic Jews of Italy to the category of.

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Dec 10, 2013 ... Categories ... As the academies of Sura and Pumbedita were invested with ... gaon and facing him were seated seventy members of the academy in .... in the eighteenth-century Lithuanian rabbi known as the Gaon of Vilna.

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Jul 31, 2013 ... This makes the Jewish high school an ideal setting for a rich ... It is the product of rabbinic categories, modes of thought, and methods of ...

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Rabbinic Views on Understanding Aggadah/Midrash. Rab Hai Gaon, son of Sherira 939 1038, head of the Pumbedita Academy Sefer Haeshcol, Hilkhot Sefer Torah, p. ... Sanhedrin, As concerns the words of the Sages, people can be divided into three categories: the first... believe them literally and do not see them as ...

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It is in the category of 'perhaps' or 'possibly' and is not definitive. Therefore .... Early Rabbinic Views on Understanding Aggadah/Midrash. Rav Sherira Gaon 906-1006, head of the Pumbedita Academy Sefer Haeshcol, Hilkhot Sefer Torah, p.

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Jan 20, 2010 ... ... of Rabba bar Nachman as head of the academy at Pumbedita in Bavel. Acher = The Other, Rabbi Elisha Ben Abuya, a sage from the Tannaitic ..... There are four categories of things that should not be mingled: plowing by ...

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When Rav returned, there was already an academy at Nehardea under the ... To counter this, the Exilarch place great emphasis on the Rabbinic academies and Jewish ... office: “The members of the two academies [Sura and Pumbedita], led by the .... Categories: Islam and Judaism | The Persian and Islamic conquests of ...

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Holland belongs to a school of historical thought known as revisionism, which ... comes via a senior rabbi of the Pumbedita rabbinic academy in Babylon who ...

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(according to Rabbi Akiba) Mishnah and the primary reason why Rabbi adopted it .... attribute was overriding in the selection of a new head of the Pumbedita academy, they ...... Forty less one are the primary categories of work (Shabbat 7:2 ).

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Pumbedita - PUMBEDITAPUMBEDITA , town in Babylonia. Pumbedita was ... Research categories ... He settled (c.752) in Palestine after being passed over for appointment as head of the rabbinic academy of Pumbedita for political reasons.

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Through their social functions rabbi and rabbinate carried over into the ... the rabbi's salary is generally regarded as in the category of a professional wage with .... the academy in Pumbedita to designate the head of a famous rabbinical court.

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In this article it will be understood to include the following categories: (1) works written by Jews on ... RABBINIC LITERATURE (1250–1750) ..... Ezekiel, who founded the academy at Pumbedita and developed the dialectical method which won ...



Nov 5, 2010 ... Even the Babylonian rabbis were highly acculturated and some .... Further, if a male accompanying a female to study religious texts at a Zoroastrian school seduces her, ... of a confrontation between Rabbi Yehuda, founder of the Pumbedita ..... (a) Parallels and convergences: The rabbinic category of the ...

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Jul 4, 2010 ... Asia went from Rab's academy [in Sura]2 to Pumbeditha on ... zugos; the same Yosef Sheida in this gemara who was chosen since he is the famous Shed who speaks to rabbis in Pumpedita, such as Abaye. ...... Categories.