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Talmudic Academies in Babylonia


The Talmudic Academies in Babylonia, also known as the Geonic Academies, were the center ... Sura and Pumbedita were considered the only important seats of learning: their heads and sages were ... I...

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For the following century this academy remained the center of Jewish religious .... He founded the rabbinic school at Nehardea, which later moved to Pumbedita.

Gemara (Talmud)


The scholars (Rabbis) who participated in the Talmud are referred to as "Amora' im" [singular: "Amora"], from an Aramaic word ... He headed the academy at Pumbedita; Rava [bar Joseph bar Hama], died 352. .... Included in this category are:.

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Judah's death left the post of the head of the academy of Pumbedita vacant. ..... in the category of a professional wage with contracts written between rabbis and ...

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Dec 10, 2013 ... Categories ... As the academies of Sura and Pumbedita were invested with ... gaon and facing him were seated seventy members of the academy in .... in the eighteenth-century Lithuanian rabbi known as the Gaon of Vilna.

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Jul 26, 2015 ... He asks, “What evidence might the rabbi have had for making such a claim? ... Yehudai's report about Muslim converts comes via a senior rabbi of the Pumbedita rabbinic academy in Babylon who .... Category : Islamic History.

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Jul 31, 2013 ... It is the product of rabbinic categories, modes of thought, and methods of .... that the rabbis of Yavneh and Usha and Sura and Pumbedita and Troyes ... years at Gann Academy, will put the most “unexpected” claims to the test.

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medievals at least, preclude a text from falling into the category of Oral. 9 ... tenth- century head of the Rabbinic academy in Pumbedita (Babylonia), Rav Sherira ...

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Feb 1, 2015 ... Early Rabbinic Views on Understanding Aggadah/Midrash. Rav Sherira Gaon 906-1006, head of the Pumbedita Academy Sefer Haeshcol, .... This category of men destroys the glory of the Torah, darkens its brightness, and ...

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of the court rather than upon any autonomous category of the community. In the third ... According to the basic approach of the Rabbis, the Torah and the law de- ...... by R. Hanania Gaon (head of the academy in Pumbedita, tenth century). The.

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According to a tradition that originated in the Sura academy (Neubauer, ... and that of Pumbedita which emphasizes that "the rabbis of Pumbedita are the leaders ...



Nov 5, 2010 ... Even the Babylonian rabbis were highly acculturated and some participated .... an account of a confrontation between Rabbi Yehuda, founder of the Pumbedita ..... (a) Parallels and convergences: The rabbinic category of the “rebellious ..... of the American Academy for Jewish Research 63, 1997-2001, pp.

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took place entirely within the amoraic academy by a highly structured and coordinated process and was sealed by an international rabbinical assembly. ..... the placement of a hitherto unknown category of sages, the Stammaim, .... 986/7 CE (1298 of the Seleucid era) by R. Sherira Gaon of Pumbedita in response to a.