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Deer Act 1980

49) was an Act of Parliament in the United Kingdom. It came into operation in November 1980, and has since been fully repealed by the Deer Act 1991.

Deer Act 1991 -

There are outstanding changes not yet made by the editorial team to Deer Act 1991. Those changes will be listed when you open the content ...

Deer Act 1991 -

Deer Act 1991. CHAPTER 54. (A table showing the derivation of the provisions of this consolidation Act will be found at the end of the Act. The table has no ...

Protection of deer by the law according to the Deer Act 1991 - In Brief

How does the Deer Act 1991 protect deer? The Deer Act 1991 created the following criminal offences: Poaching of deer. It is a criminal offence to enter onto land ...

Introduction Access and ownership Enforcement - The Deer Initiative

means section 2 of the Deer Act 1991. This guide links to Firearms legislation, Meat Hygiene legislation and Disease guides. Access and ownership. Access to  ...

Introduction Legislation Section 7 of the Deer Act - The Deer Initiative

dispatch, Deer Legislation, Damage Prevention, Deer. Management Group and Risk Assessment Guides . Legislation. The Deer Act 1991 (as amended by ...

Deer Act - Summary - Everysite

Date: 1991. Reference: Chapter 54 [Full text]. General Description: This Act replaces previous legislation of the same name, including the Deer Act 1963 and the ...

Deer poaching - North Yorkshire Police

Feb 19, 2015 ... The Deer Act 1991 is the principal legislation dealing with offences against deer. Deer means deer of any species and includes the carcase of ...

Deer Act 1991 Chapter 54 - Cedrec

The aim of the Act is to make provisions with regard to deer and the circumstances and times in which they can be killed or taken. It is an offence to intentionally ...

Natural Resources Wales / Deer

Deer. The Deer Act 1991 (as amended) protects all wild deer from poaching. Schedule 1 species are protected during the close season. Taking or killing deer at ...

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