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The Fuscideaceae are a family of fungi in the Ascomycota, class Lecanoromycetes. Its relationship to other taxa in the Lecanoromycetes is not well understood, ...

The genus Fuscidea (Fuscideaceae, lichenized Ascomycota) in ...


Jul 1, 2008 ... The genus Fuscidea (Fuscideaceae, lichenized Ascomycota) in North America - Volume 40 Issue 4 - Alan M. FRYDAY.

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Family: Fuscideaceae. [Biatora arcuatula Arnold, more, Fuscidea arcuatula ( Arnold) V. Wirth & Vezda, Fuscidea curvula (H. Magn.) Hertel, Lecidea arcuatula  ...

フスキデア・キュアトイデス Fuscidea cyathoides フスキデア科 ...


[英名], fuscidea lichen. [学名], Fuscidea cyathoides (Ach.) V.Wirth et Vezda. フスキデア科 Fuscideaceae フスキデア属. 三河の野草. フスキデア・キュアトイデス・ 明瞭な ...

A multigene phylogenetic synthesis for the class Lecanoromycetes ...


Apr 18, 2014 ... An additional family, the Ropalosporaceae (part of Fuscideaceae s.l.), although without support, was also shown to be part of this order (Bylin et ...

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Collemataceae - Collemataceae. Coniocybaceae - Coniocybaceae. Ectolechiaceae - Ectolechiaceae. Eigleraceae - Eigleraceae. Fuscideaceae - Fuscideaceae.

Fuscidea lygaea (Ach.) V. Wirth & Vezda - Lichens marins


Fuscidea lygaea (Ach.) V. Wirth & Vezda. Synonyms: Family: FUSCIDEACEAE Habitat: Ubiquitous. Description. Thallus crustose, round shaped, rather thin, ...

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Fragm. Flor. Geobot. 41 (1): 491-492. Śliwa L. Třnsberg T. 1995. The first record of Fuscidea pusilla (Lichenes, Fuscideaceae) for Poland. Fragm. Flor. Geobot.

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Oct 31, 2001 ... 1998. Lichens and lichenicolous fungi of the Queen Charlotte Islands, British Columbia, Canada. 4. The genus Fuscidea (Fuscideaceae), pp.

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Familie: Fuscideaceae. Groep: korstmossen. Synoniemen: Biatorina lightfootii, Catillaria lightfootii, Lecidea lightfootii. Status: Rode Lijst: Gevoelig.

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Fuscidea cyathoides var. orientalis - Pictures of Tropical Lichens


Comments: (ABL). Index Fungorum: Fuscidea cyathoides var. orientalis (Zahlbr.) Mas. Inoue (Fuscideaceae, Incertae sedis). Search GBIF global database ...

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Orphniospora moriopsis (A. Massal.) D. Hawksw. Go to Encyclopedia of Life... Family: Fuscideaceae. [Buellia coracina Körb.] Orphniospora moriopsis image.

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Arthrorhaphidaceae (1); Open Coniocybaceae (2); Close Fuscideaceae (2). Close ... Family: Fuscideaceae. Genus: Fuscidea. Species: Fuscidea cyathoides  ...