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The Fuscideaceae are a family of fungi in the Ascomycota, class Lecanoromycetes. Its relationship to other taxa in the Lecanoromycetes is not well understood, ...

Hueidea (Fuscideaceae), a new lichen genus ... - Cambridge Journals


Hueidea (Fuscideaceae), a new lichen genus from alpine Australia. Gintaras KANTVILAS and Patrick M. McCARTHY. Abstract: Hueidea austmliensis Kantvilas ...

The genus Fuscidea (Fuscideaceae, lichenized Ascomycota) in ...


Jul 2, 2008 ... The genus Fuscidea (Fuscideaceae, lichenized Ascomycota) in North America. Article author query; fryday am [PubMed] [Google Scholar] ...

CNALH - Fuscideaceae


Fuscideaceae. Fuscideaceae image. Stephen Sharnoff. Description Not Yet Available. Species within United States and Canada (continental).

CNALH - Fuscidea


Fryday, A.M. 2008. The genus Fuscidea (Fuscideaceae, lichenized Ascomycota) in North America. The Lichenologist 40(4): 295-328. Fuscidea absolodes.

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Collemataceae - Collemataceae. Coniocybaceae - Coniocybaceae. Ectolechiaceae - Ectolechiaceae. Eigleraceae - Eigleraceae. Fuscideaceae - Fuscideaceae.

Fuscidea cyathoides - 三河


[英名], fuscidea lichen. [学名], Fuscidea cyathoides (Ach.) V.Wirth et Vezda. フスキデア科 Fuscideaceae フスキデア属. 三河の野草. フスキデア・キュアトイデス・ 明瞭な ...

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Sweden". 10:05"K"10:25" Martina"Zahradníková,"University"Museum"of"Bergen," University"of"Bergen:". An!evolutionary!study!of!Fuscideaceae!6!(Umbilicariales ...

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The substantial contributions concern the families Fuscideaceae, Teloschistaceae, Parmeliaceae and the genera Aspicilia, Maronina, Ocellularia, Placopsis, ...

Foliose and fruticose lichens of Kyrgyzstan


handBook 2004. Handbook of the lichens of Russia. 9. Fuscideaceae, Teloschistaceae. – Sankt-Petersburg: Nauka. (In Russian). kärneFeLt, i. & theLL, a. 1996.

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The genus Fuscidea ( Fuscideaceae, lichenized Ascomycota) in ...


Dec 1, 1997 ... The genus Fuscidea (Fuscideaceae, lichenized Ascomycota) in. North America. Alan M. FRYDAY. Abstract: The species of the genus Fuscidea ...

Fuscideaceae Hafellner, 1984 -- Discover Life


Discover Life's page about the biology, natural history, ecology, identification and distribution of Fuscideaceae Hafellner, 1984 -- Discover Life.

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The genus Fuscidea (Fuscideaceae, lichenized Ascomycota) in North America. Lichenologist 40(4): 295 - 328. Fuscidea arboricola image. Stephen Sharnoff.