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The Fuscideaceae are a family of fungi in the Ascomycota, class Lecanoromycetes. Its relationship to other taxa in the Lecanoromycetes is not well understood, ...

FUSCIDEACEAE Fuscidea hottentotta Brusse, sp. nov ... - Bothalia


Mar 12, 1988 ... Bothalia 19,1(1989). 35. FUSCIDEACEAE. A NEW SPECIES OF FUSCIDEA ( LICHENES) FROM THE CAPE FOLD MOUNTAINS. Fuscidea ...

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You are here. Home » All Fungi » Fungi » Ascomycota » Unknown order » Fuscideaceae » All Fungi. All Fungi. Close Fungi (2). Close Ascomycota (54). Open ...

フスキデア・キュアトイデス Fuscidea cyathoides フスキデア科 ...


[英名], fuscidea lichen. [学名], Fuscidea cyathoides (Ach.) V.Wirth et Vezda. フスキデア科 Fuscideaceae フスキデア属. 三河の野草. フスキデア・キュアトイデス・ 明瞭な ...

(Class) Sac fungi - Montana Field Guide


Collemataceae - Collemataceae. Coniocybaceae - Coniocybaceae. Ectolechiaceae - Ectolechiaceae. Eigleraceae - Eigleraceae. Fuscideaceae - Fuscideaceae.

Lichenological Contributions in Honour of Jack Elix ...


The more substantial contributions concern the families Candelariaceae (here subsumed into Lecanoraceae), Fuscideaceae and Pannariaceae, and the genera ...

Orphniospora moriopsis - All Fungi | Fungi of Great Britain and Ireland


Arthrorhaphidaceae (1); Open Coniocybaceae (2); Close Fuscideaceae (2) ... Family: Fuscideaceae. Genus: Orphniospora. Species: Orphniospora moriopsis ...

Irish lichens - Fuscidea lygaea


Order: Incertae sedis Family: Fuscideaceae. Species: Fuscidea lygaea. Growth type crustose. Photos: On acidic rock. Gougane Barra, Cork, SW Ireland.

Fuscidea cyathoides var. orientalis - Pictures of Tropical Lichens


Comments: (ABL). Index Fungorum: Fuscidea cyathoides var. orientalis (Zahlbr.) Mas. Inoue (Fuscideaceae, Incertae sedis). Search GBIF global database ...

Foliose and fruticose lichens of Kyrgyzstan


handBook 2004. Handbook of the lichens of Russia. 9. Fuscideaceae, Teloschistaceae. – Sankt-Petersburg: Nauka. (In Russian). kärneFeLt, i. & theLL, a. 1996.

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The genus Fuscidea ( Fuscideaceae, lichenized Ascomycota) in ...


Dec 1, 1997 ... The genus Fuscidea (Fuscideaceae, lichenized Ascomycota) in. North America. Alan M. FRYDAY. Abstract: The species of the genus Fuscidea ...

Hueidea (Fuscideaceae), a new lichen genus from alpine Australia


Key words: Australia, Fuscideaceae, Hueidea australiensis, lichens, Teloschistaceae. Introduction. An unusual, undescribed lichen was collected recently from ...

The genus Fuscidea (Fuscideaceae, lichenized Ascomycota) in ...


Jul 2, 2008 ... Alan M. FRYDAY (2008). The genus Fuscidea ( Fuscideaceae, lichenized Ascomycota) in North America. The Lichenologist, 40, pp 295-328.

CNALH - Fuscideaceae


Fuscideaceae. Description Not Yet Available. Species within United States and Canada (continental). Bacidina apiahica · Image of Bacidina apiahica. Fuscidea  ...

CNALH - Fuscidea arboricola


The genus Fuscidea (Fuscideaceae, lichenized Ascomycota) in North America. Lichenologist 40(4): 295 - 328. Fuscidea arboricola image. Stephen Sharnoff.