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Gosproektstroi (1930–1932) was the State Design and Construction Bureau in Moscow, USSR. This organization was set up following an agreement signed on  ...

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This bureau became Gosproekstroi (State Project Construction Trust) the major Soviet design and construction organization. Chief of Gosproekstroi and ...

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... meaning of overpaint · meaning of Ajmo · meaning of Gosproekstroi · meaning of Megapharanaspis · meaning of Jaime · meaning of Ruth · meaning of Ajmn ...

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Gosproekstroi · Gosprzydowa · GOSR1 · GOSR2 · GOSRI. GOSS. Gossaert · Gossage · Gossa, Germany · gossamer. weblioの他の辞書でも検索してみる. 国語 辞書.

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Nel 1930 fu istituito il Gosproekstroi, l'Organizzazione di Stato per i Progetti di Costruzione, grazie all'accordo stretto tra il Vesencha, Soviet Supremo ...

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In 1930 Gosproekstroi was set up under the Building Commission of Vesenkha with the help of Albert Kahn Inc. It employed 3,000 designers with a budget of ...