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Hipparete (Greek: Ἱππαρέτη) was the daughter of Hipponicus III, a wealthy Athenian. She was married c. 424 BC or earlier to the prominent Athenian statesman ...

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204 PERIKLES' WIFE: CHRONOLOGICAL CALCULATIONS of Perikles' sons: Plutarch's sequence seems to make them too young to wed.! (1) Hipparete's age.



Jan 4, 1998 ... And his sister Hipparete married Alcibiades (Plutarch's Life of Alcibiades, 8). Callias was married several times. Andocides, in his speech On ...

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Hipparete was a virtuous and dutiful wife, but at last growing impatient because of the outrages done to her by her husband's continual entertaining of hetaerae ...

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Hipparete was a well-disciplined women who loved her husband, but she was displeased by his [Alcibiades'] disrespect for their marriage, with his affairs with ...

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Alice visits Hipparete with Out Talk at Beaumont Farm, 1963. Integral to Mill Ridge and its growth in the 80's was Duncan Macdonald who initially came to the  ...

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Jan 22, 2008 ... Hipparete was a virtuous and dutiful wife, but, at last, growing impatient of the outrages done to her by her husband's continual entertaining of ...

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Hipparete married the famous Alkibiades (how "incestuous" the Periklean circle ... There is, however, no reason to assume that Kallias and Hipparete had the ...

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... and subsequently the first wife of Pericles.9 If so, Alcibiades' wife Hipparete ... his legitimate daughter by Hipparete daughter of Hipponicus,12 are more easily ...

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Jan 3, 2016 ... as his wife Hipparete looks on: happy, yet somehow she would rather be the one embraced (Prosaic, as in, this will only work well in prose.

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Oct 4, 2012 ... 3 Hipparete was a decorous and affectionate wife, but being distressed because her husband would consort with courtezans, native and ...

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His wife, whom he divorced, subsequently became the wife of Pericles; one of his daughters, Hipparete, married Alcibiades; another, the wife of Theodorus, was ...

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Hipparete: Horse-speaker: The name of the wife of Alcibiades. No relation to Hekate. Kalkaea: Wearer of High Boots: The word seems to have no relation to ...