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Iris bulleyana is a species in the genus Iris, also the subgenus of Limniris and in the Iris series Sibiricae. It is a rhizomatous herbaceous perennial, from ...


Iris bulleyana is a classic species Iris from western China. It belongs to a small group of oriental species which are entirely hardy and are of great value to the ...


Rhizomes creeping, thick. Leaves grayish green on both surfaces, linear, 15--45 cm × 3--10 mm, midvein absent, base reddish. Flowering stems 10--40(--70) cm ...


Plant database entry for Species Iris (Iris bulleyana) with one image and 7 data details.


IRIS bulleyana - standards light blue-violet, falls with yellowish-white and violet veins.


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Botanical Name: Iris bulleyana (added by D. Kramb, 05-OCT-03). Botanical Synonyms: N/A. Classification: Chrysographes (D. Kramb, 05-OCT-03).


IRIS BULLEYANA SEEDS (Bulley's Iris) - Plant World Seeds. Mid purple flowers with darker purple veins on the standards and on the falls, and which have a ...


A rarely offered species that is native to damp sunny meadows and hillsides in Yunnan and Sichuan, China. Produces tall, narrow, erect, green leaves and pale  ...


Jan 18, 2017 ... Subgenus: I. subg. Limniris Sectio: I. sect. Limniris Series: Iris ser. Sibiricae Subseries: Iris subser. Chrysographes Species: Iris bulleyana ...