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Oral history is the collection and study of historical information about individuals, families, important events, or everyday life using audiotapes, videotapes, ...

Oral History Association


Gathering & preserving historical information through recorded interviews.

NYPL Community Oral History Project


The New York Public Library's Community Oral History Project is an initiative taking place at NYPL branches that aims to document, preserve, and celebrate the ...

Step-by-Step Guide to Oral History - DoHistory


Oral history listens to these stories. Oral history is the systematic collection of living people's testimony about their own experiences. Historians have finally ...

What Is Oral History? - History Matters


"Oral History" is a maddeningly imprecise term: it is used to refer to formal, rehearsed accounts of the past presented by culturally sanctioned tradition- bearers; ...

Columbia Center for Oral History | Columbia University Libraries


The Columbia Center for Oral History (CCOH) was founded by historian and journalist Allan Nevins in 1948 and is credited with launching the establishment of ...

Oral History - The Writing Center at UNC-Chapel Hill


This handout will help you figure out how to use oral histories in essays. It will give you suggestions for how to prepare for and conduct oral history interviews ...

Southern Oral History Program


Interviews of more than 4000 men and women, from mill workers to civil rights leaders to future presidents of the United States, by the students and faculty of the  ...

Oral History Summer School


Oral History Summer School. Ask Better Questions. + About. Oral History Summer ... 2012-2017 Oral History Summer School. All Rights Reserved. 0 items. 0.

Oral History Primer | University Library


According to the Oral History Association's website, "Oral history is a field of study and a method of gathering, preserving and interpreting the voices and ...