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In physics, the no-deleting theorem of quantum information theory is a no-go theorem which states that, in general, given two copies of some arbitrary quantum ...


In physics, the no-cloning theorem states that it is impossible to create an identical copy of an arbitrary unknown quantum state. This no-go theorem of quantum mechanics was articulated by Wootters and ... generalizes this result to mixed states. The no-cloning theorem has a time-reversed dual, the no-deleting theorem.


and approximate quantum deleting of unknown states. We prove that unitarity does not ... prove a no-deletion theorem for non-orthogonal states us- ing unitarity.


No-Deleting Theorem: We cannot delete an unknown quantum state against a copy. (Pati-Braunstein, Nature 2000). |ψ〉|ψ〉→|ψ〉|0〉. • No-Partial Erasure ...


Mar 7, 2011 ... “In quantum information science, two fundamental theorems have been the no- cloning and the no-deleting theorems,” Pati told PhysOrg.com.


My question is, why doesn't this contradict the Quantum no-deleting theorem? Note: Okay, so have two slits and a detector. You send a photon ...


79, NO. 10, 25 NOVEMBER 2000. 1426. Quantum-no-deleting principle. In a recent scientific correspondence1. Bhagwat et al. fielded baseless argu- ments that ...


linearity of quantum mechanics, the output for their super- position must be the ... running the copier in reverse to delete the extra copy in states such as +♢♢¬ or + ♡♡¬. ... because of the no-cloning theorem, Eve cannot succeed in her task.


May 19, 2017 ... In quantum physics the no-cloning theorem is the statement that one ... the content of “no-cloning” and “no-deleting” is the very “linearity” of this ...


We will show that there is no quantum deleting machine that can delete one .... Bu ek, V. & Hillery, M. H. Quantum copying: Beyond the no-cloning theorem. Phys  ...