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Rakia or Rakija (pronounced rah-key-ya) is the collective term for fruit brandy popular in Eastern Europe. The alcohol content of rakia is normally 40% ABV, but  ...

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Rakia is as rooted in Bulgarian history and existence as is bourbon in American. It has aided the nation in surviving its hardest years and has helped bring many ...

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Rakia. Extremely strong alcoholic drink made BY bulgarians FOR bulgarians. One shot is enough to raise your forehead temperature several times. Known side ...

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Sep 29, 2013 ... Rakia: Bulgaria's national treasure made from fruit and weighing in at 190 proof.

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Rakia Bar is globally unique bar concept in which the finest fruit distillates are always served with creative, expertly paired food, in a contemporary setting that is ...

Dec 26, 2011 ... Rakia is the traditional spirit distilled by thousands, if not millions of Bulgarian people every year. Traditional Rakia is essentially home made ...

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You must have heard of Rakia (or Rakija) at one point in your life, if not it is a extremely popular fruit brandy among South Slavs. Dubbed as a South Slavic ...

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Jan 10, 2013 ... Ракия (Rakia). Bulgarian moonshine. Firewater. White lightning. Whatever you call it, it's the lifeblood of Bulgaria. It brings people together and ...



I documented 2015 in written words, moving pictures and the occasional original sound. Presented to you as mostly unedited, raw material, this electronic ...

Jan 9, 2013 ... A short video on how to make Bulgarian rakia. For more detailed step-by-step instructions, go here: ...
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It was believed that rakia was first created in the 16th century in the Balkans, the location unknown, but the recent discovery of wording on on a sherd of pottery ...

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My nephew has requested a bottle of rakia plum brandy for christmas. Can it be ... I found several outlets in the US by googling “rakia plum brandy” good luck.

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The word brandy ( 'rakija' in Serbian ) is of Arab origin. It originates from the word 'al-rak', which means 'sweat', freely translated. The word arrived in our regions ...