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Ryūsaku Yanagimoto (柳本 柳作, Yanagimoto Ryūsaku, 1 September 1894 – 5 June 1942) was captain of the Sōryū in the Imperial Japanese Navy during Worl...

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CV Soryu—Captain Yanagimoto Ryusaku Air Officer—Commander Kusumoto Ikuto VTB Leader—LT Abe 1st Squadron (5xB5N2 "Kate")—LT Abe 2nd Squadron ...

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Ryusaku Yanagimoto air group: 21 A6M, 21 D3A, 21 B5N. Cardiv 5. Rear-Adm. Hara Zuikaku—Capt. Ichibei Yokokawa air group: 18 A6M, 27 D3A, 27 B5N

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Nov 10, 2012 ... captain: Ryusaku Yanagimoto Capt. no. of crew: 1103. about the wreck. war grave: yes. updates. entered by: Jan Lettens. entered: 16/05/2008.

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Merchant_flag_of_Japan_(1870) Chūichi Nagumo Merchant_flag_of_Japan_( 1870) Tamon Yamaguchi Merchant_flag_of_Japan_(1870) Ryusaku Yanagimoto .

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At the outbreak of the Pacific War, commanded by Captain Ryusaku Yanagimoto, Sōryū, in Carrier Division 2, was one of six carriers comprising the Kido Butai ...

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At the outbreak of the Pacific War, commanded by Captain Ryusaku Yanagimoto, Sōryū, in Carrier Division 2, was one of six carriers making up ...

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We hope you visit the Kobelco booth again. All our staff look forward to meeting you again. All of the staff. Ryusaku Yanagimoto National Marketing Manager

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... all four carriers and all 248 aircraft aboard, while 3,057 crew members died during the battle including admirals Tamon Yamaguchi and Ryusaku Yanagimoto.

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May 25, 2007 ... Soryu – Captain Yanagimoto Ryusaku, commanding 18 x A6M2 16 x D3A1 18 x B5N2 3 x A6M2 (6<sup>th</sup> Air Group) 2 x D4Y1 carrier bomber ...

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Ryusaku Yanagimoto was high-cheek boned and said to have had a set of intense eyes. Previous served as a naval attaché to Britain and then an instructor at ...

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Bow raised high, she plunged to the bottom taking down 713 officers and men including Captain Yanagimoto Ryusaku, who likely had already perished, but in ...

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... escorts scuttle her with torpedoes. Captain Ryusaku Yanagimoto, her only commander, goes down with ship. 712 other Japanese from Soryu's crew are killed.

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Capt Ryusaku Yanagimoto ordered his men off and was last seen by most with ... Soryu, with Capt Yanagimoto lashed to the bridge, went under at 7:13 p.m., ...