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Stateless nation

A stateless nation is an ethnic group, religious group, linguistic group or other cohesive group which is not the majority population in any nation state. The term  ...

The world's largest stateless nation? • Inside Story

Feb 5, 2015 ... Up until the late 1940s, of course, the Jewish people made up the largest stateless nation. Despite the horrific slaughter by the Nazis, they ...

Eurominority - Stateless Nations, national, cultural and linguistic ... • Think Europe differently. The website of Stateless Nations and minority peoples in Europe (national, cultural and linguistic minorities, ...

Stateless Nations

Stateless Nations. Nation versus. Nation-State. Nation. A culturally distinctive group of people occupying a specific territory and bound together by a sense of ...

Stateless Nations - Mark's Lists

Dec 4, 2004 ... Critical top ten list of stateless nations. ... This countdown list, of nations and peoples fighting for independence or just for their very existence, ...

Stateless Nations

AFRICA Algeria: Azawad; Kabylia. Angola: Cabinda; Musikongo. Benin; Togoland. Cameroon: Bamilekeland; Kanowra. Chad: Kanowra; North Chad.


The Stateless Nations Geo-politics (SNG) project is aimed at creating an online tool for the analysis and study of these European national minorities that do not ...

The Kurds: A Stateless Nation | Brown Political Review

Mar 7, 2013 ... For the Kurds, it looks divided and disenfranchised, as this minority ethnic group of approximately 18 million people, struggles to protect its civil ...

List of alleged stateless nations - Hippie Wiki

A stateless nation is an Wikipedia:ethnic group which is not the majority population in any Wikipedia:nation state. The term implies that the group "should have" ...

Middle East - The Kurds: The world's largest stateless nation ...

Jul 30, 2015 ... Turkey has launched strikes on the Kurdish PKK – which has fought for an independent state within Turkey for decades – as part of a ...

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Q: What is a stateless nation?
A: A nation with no states. Read More »
Q: What are the stateless nation?
A: a name given to a nation of people without a land to legally occupy. Read More »
Q: What is a stateless nation?
A: A stateless nation is a political term used to imply that a group, usually a minority ethnic group is a n... Read More »
Q: Why is there no stateless nation in brazil?
A: Of course there are stateless nations in Brazil. All indigenous people in Brazil are part of nations. Source(s)…. Read More »
Q: How is Taiwan a stateless nation?
A: Taiwan is neither an independent nation nor a part of China. This is explained as follows -- * None of the Allies recognized any transfer of the sovereignty of ... Read More »