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The British three halfpence was a silver coin worth 1 <sup>1</sup>⁄2d or <sup>1</sup>⁄160 of a pound produced for circulation in the British colonies, mainly in Ce...

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Find great deals on eBay for 1-1/2 Pence in British Coins. Shop with confidence. ... 1838 Great Britain Three Halfpence (1.5 pence, 1-1/2 pence). $139.99; Buy It ...

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Values of Coins of UK - The Penny-halfpenny. ... The Penny-Halfpenny (or Three Halfpence) ... Detailed values of these hammered coins are not available.

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As for the three-farthings, Queen Elizabeth I (1558-1603) made an issue of silver three halfpence between 1561 and 1582. They are more common than the ...

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Victoria Three-halfpence. These tiny coins were originally struck for use in the British Colonies which were at the time using imperial currency. Although these ...

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Coins produced during the reign of Queen Victoria in 1837- 1901. Including Crowns ... Victoria Old Head Shilling Old Head · Victoria Silver Three-halfpence.



Half Penny ... Coin Books Here If Looking For a Coin Book Click Here at My World Coin Book .British coin book list Coin Books ... Irish Three Pence Coins ...

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The coins were used in Britain and Ceylon until they were demonetized (no longer ... Penny-halfpenny (three half-pence, one and one-half pence), were small ...

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2 halfpence = 1 penny (1d) 3 pence = 1 ... The pre-decimalisation British system of coinage was introduced by King Henry II. It was ... A sum of £3 12s 6d was normally written as £3-12-6, but a sum of 12s 6d was normally recorded as 12/6.

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Coins - farthing, half penny, penny, three pence, six pence, shilling, florin, half .... British coins have Dei Gratia or DG on them, meaning that the monarch rules by ...

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What is a three halfpence from the United Kingdom worth? Values, images, and specifications for three halfpence coins from the UK, Great Britain, England, ...

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Pictures of Penny-Halfpenny Coins. ... Pictures of Coins of the UK. by Tony Clayton. The Penny-Halfpenny (or Three Halfpence) ...

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1 : the sum of three halfpence : a penny and a half. 2 : a small English silver coin of Queen Elizabeth I (16th century) worth 1<sup>1</sup>⁄2 pennies; also : a silver coin ...