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Triglochin alcockiae, also known as Southern Water-ribbons, Alcock's Water- ribbons or Dwarf Water-ribbons, is a plant in the Arrowgrass family native to ...

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... natural history, ecology, identification and distribution of Triglochin -- Discover Life. ... Triglochin alcockiae · Triglochin bulbosa · Triglochin calcitrapa, Spurred ...

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Cycnogeton alcockiae (Aston) Mering & Kadereit. Diversity Phylogeny Evol. Monocotyledons 73 (2010) APNI. Taxonomic status:Accepted. Occurrence status:  ...

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Les espèces du genre-type Juncago sont incluses dans le genre Triglochin ... Triglochin alcockiae Aston (1993); Triglochin bulbosa L. (1771); Triglochin ...

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MicrosatelliteJuncaginaceaeTriglochin proceraPolyploidyWetlands .... T. procera in five species of Australian Triglochin: T. multifructa Aston, T. alcockiae Aston, ...

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Triglochin alcockiae (Scientific Name). Water Ribbons (Common Name) Triglochin procera s.l. (Scientific Name) ... Triglochin striata (Scientific Name) ...

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Triglochin (Juncaginaceae) 4b:14. Tasmania has seven native species of Triglochin. ... The larger, fully aquatic species (T. procerum, T. alcockiae and T.

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Jul 19, 2010 ... Triglochin alcockiae. Common Name: Southern Water-ribbons, Photograph 1 - default. Triglochin procera. Common Name: Water-ribbons, ...

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Phylogeny, biogeography and evolution of Triglochin L. (Juncaginaceae) – ..... and six new combinations are proposed: Cycnogeton alcockiae, Cycnogeton.

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Triglochin Juncaginaceae - 17 images at PhytoImages.siu.edu.

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Cycnogeton, Triglochin. Select child... Cycnogeton alcockiae, Cycnogeton dubium, Cycnogeton microtuberosum, Cycnogeton multifructum, Cycnogeton ...

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and six new combinations are proposed: Cycnogeton alcockiae, Cycnogeton ... As currently circumscribed, Juncaginaceae comprise four genera, Triglochin,.

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Juncaginaceae. Triglochin alcockiae, Alcock's Water-ribbons ... Triglochin sp. A Flora of Australia (G.J.Keighery 2477), Spurred Arrowgrass. Triglochin striata ...