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Ubhayābhisārika is a Sanskrit single-player satirical play formatted as a monologue. It was written by Vararuchi, who is thought to have lived in the Gupta period ...

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Mar 14, 2016 ... A rare (although highly dismissive) portrayal of the third gender occurred in the play Ubhayabhisarika by Vararuci, in which the character ...

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Mar 19, 2013 ... In Varuchi's bhana, the Ubhayabhisarika, (“the mutual elopement”) the Vita narrator supplies a glimpse of the city of Kusumapura as he strolls ...

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They are Ubhayabhisarika by Vararuchi and Dhurtavitasamvada by Ishvaradatta a loose rendition of whose respective titles would be both girls stepping out and ...

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Jan 17, 2016 ... B. Ubhayabhisarika, perhaps of the 4th-6th centuries CE. C. Katha-sarita-sagara, perhaps of the 11th century CE. D. Sukasaptati, perhaps of ...

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Srngar-hata: A Collection of Four Sanskrit Bhanas, One-actor Plays, viz., Padmaprabhrtak, Dhurtavita-samvada, Ubhayabhisarika and Padataditakam. Critically ...

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In this inscription, the passages from Bhana Ubhayabhisarika indicate the practice of staging plays at the Vishnu-Krishna temples. Inscription of Gajaptati

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On the other side of the spectrum, of the 'Bhana' style of drama, Ubhayabhisarika is a one-person drama of an endearing lecher who knows every courtesan and ...

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Sangitaka in the latter sense was first mentioned by Vararuci in his Ubhayabhisarika. It, according to J.C.Mathur, took shape between 10th and 15th Centuries, ...

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In this inscription, the passages from Bhana Ubhayabhisarika indicate the practice of staging plays at the Vishnu-Krishna temples. Inscription of Gajaptati.

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Jan 26, 2015 ... ... [धूर्तविटसंवादः श्रीईश्वरदत्त प्रणीतः], Ubhayabhisarika By Vararuchi [उभयाभिसारिका श्रीमद्वररुचि प्रणीतम्] ...

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For instance, in Ubhayabhisarika written by Vararuchi, one of the nava ratnas in King Vikrarnaditya's court in Ujjain, a courtesan Priyangusena is described as ...

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In Bhana Ubhayabhisarika, the city of Patliputra (presently Patna) is described as the tilaka (viz. mask of glory / decoration mask on the forehead) of Earth, ...