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Vertical plane is used in radio to plot an antenna's relative field strength perpendicular to the ground on a polar graph. Normally the maximum of 1.000 or 0 dB is ...


Define vertical plane: a plane that passes through a vertical line.


1. a flat surface determined by the position of three points in space. 2. an imaginary flat surface that divides the body into sections (see accompanying figure).


(Conic Sections), A plane passing through the vertex of a cone, and through its axis. (Projections), Any plane which passes through a vertical line. (Persp.) ...


The problem states a situtation where two hoops, their centers, and a launch site are all in the same vertical plane. The objective is to launch a ...


Amazon.com: The Vertical Plane (9780586204764): Ken Webster: Books.

Nov 30, 2012 ... http://www.gurug.net Unit-2 Horizontal Plane and Vertical Plane - Engineering Graphics.


Much of our ability to localise sound in the vertical plane is due to the shape of ... Vertical localisation is seriously impaired if the convolutions of the pinnae are ...


For years I have been searching out a book called 'The Vertical Plane'. It's an acount of a very unusual haunting that took place in Cheshire in ...