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The Albian is both an age of the geologic timescale and a stage in the stratigraphic column. .... Anisoceras · Arcthoplites · Brancoceras · Brewericeras · Cleoniceras ·...

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_. 7. Postulated evolutionary sequence of Leconteites and Brewericeras ... _. 17. Bar graph showing frequency distribution of Brewericeras hulenense ...

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ammonite Brewericeras hulenense. ... spirales - Brewericeras hulenense. Cliquez sur les vignettes. Ammonites et autres spirales - Brewericeras hulenense  ...

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species of Parasilesites is associated with Brewericeras breweri (Gabb), Cleonice sp., Valdedorsella sp., Itulenites sp., and Lemuroceras (Subarcthoplites ) sp.

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Arcthoplites jachromensis and Brewericeras cf. hulenense, while at the remaining four localities only A. jachromensis is present. The Arcthoplites fauna is ...

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... belong to the so- called Brewericeras bulenense Zone of the North Pacific Pro vince. ... tes a find of Brewericeras cf. bulenense (ANDERSON) together with A.

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shallites cf. columbianus McLearn and Marshallites sp., the cleoniceratids Brewericeras ex gr. hulenense (Anderson) and Cleoniceras (Neosaynella?) sp., the ...

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Brewericeras huleneuse. Scaphites whitfieldi. Plesioturrilites sp. Prolyelliceras sp . Dactylioceras sp. Psiloceras planorbis. Epiophoceras sp. Harpoceras sp.

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Ammonites (Brewericeras hulensis and Leconteites lecontei) can be found in calcareous nodules of the Hudspeth Formation a few miles north of here (Jones ...

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Brewericeras hulenense (Anderson, 1938), Calliphylloceras nizinanum Imlay .... lower lower Albian); (2) the Brewericeras hulenense Zone. ( = Douvilleiceras ...