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Claudiosaurus is an extinct genus of diapsid reptile from the Permian period of Madagascar. Life restoration of Claudiosaurus germaini. Claudiosaurus was one  ...

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Claudiosaurus was a medium-sized (60 cm) low-slung reptile with a small head, fairly long neck, and a long tail. It lived by the shores of lakes or sheltered seas ...

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Claudiosaurus - Reptile evolution from its genesis to today, including the evolution of man, mammals, birds, dinosaurs and reptiles of all sorts.

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On our favorite auction site, a well-known seller has been selling a Claudiosaurus at US $13950 for the past few months. This is most certainly ...

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Reptile from Madagascar - Claudiosaurus Age: Upper Permian (Apprx 280 Ma) Location: Permian Sediments of Madagascar The Claudiosaurus had a relatively.

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Claudiosaurus es un extraño reptil acuático que tenía un cráneo pequeño y unas patas muy...

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PROPORTIONS OF THADEOSAURUS AND CLAUDIOSAURUS 364. AQUATIC ADAPTATIONS ... Claudiosaurus shows the initiation of aquatic adaptations in.

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Illustration for Claudiosaurus germaini from our collection of prehistoric animal images.

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Genus: Claudiosaurus CARROLL, 1981. Etymology: Species: germaini CARROLL, 1981. Etymology: Holotype: PM 1978-6-1. Locality: Near the village of  ...

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Claudiosaurus est un reptile diapside éteint du Permien, qui vivait à Madagascar. Il avait un corps relativement long, et mesurait environ 60cm de long.