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De facto is a Latin expression that means "in fact, in reality, in actual existence, force, or possession, as a matter of fact" (literally "of fact"). In law, it often means ...

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Literally meaning "from the fact", de facto in English can be applied to anything that has the substance of something without its formal name. A de facto ...

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De facto definition, in fact; in reality: Although his title was prime minister, he was de facto president of the country. Although the school was said to be open to all ...

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'the country was de facto divided between two states'. Often contrasted with de jure. More example sentences. 'The nature and characteristics of de facto ...

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de facto definition, meaning, what is de facto: existing in fact, although perhaps not intended, legal, or accepted: . Learn more.

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De Facto. [Latin, In fact.] In fact, in deed, actually. This phrase is used to characterize an officer, a government, a past action, or a state of affairs that must be ...

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Existing in actuality, especially when contrary to or not established by law: de facto segregation; a de facto government. [Latin dē factō : dē, from, according ...

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(Often opposed to de jure.) Although the United States currently has no official language, it is largely monolingual with English being the de facto national ...

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If you're the de facto mayor of your town, you're acting as mayor, even though you weren't legally elected. You may be just helping out while the official mayor ...

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In Latin de facto means according to fact, and this is roughly what it means in English. It's defined as in reality or fact, but its de facto definition is closer to serving ...