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Sokal Raion is a raion (district) of Lviv Oblast (region) in western Ukraine. Its administrative center is the city of Sokal. It had a population of 98,123 in the 2001  ...


Sokal (Ukrainian: Сокаль, translit. Sokal') is a town located on the Bug River in Lviv Oblast of western Ukraine. It serves as the administrative center of Sokal Raion (district).


Interwar (Polish) District: Sokal. Interwar (Polish) Province: Lwów. Modern District (county or raion):, Sokal raion. Modern Province (voivodeship or oblast):, Lviv ...


Horokhiv Raion (Ukrainian: Горохівський район) is a raion in Volyn Oblast in western Ukraine. ... Horokhiv Raion. From Wikipedia ... Sokal Raion, (Rivne Oblast)


Here is a list of villages in Sokalskyi (Sokal) raion in L'viv oblast for which microfilmed church records are available. More information can be.


Sokal [Сокаль; Sokal']. Map: III-5. A city (1989 pop 22,400) on the Buh River and a raion center in Lviv oblast. It is first mentioned in historical documents in 1411, ...


Variazh (Ukrainian: Варяж; Polish: Waręż) is a former city (currently a village) in the Sokal Raion (district) of Lviv Oblast (province) in western Ukraine.


Uhniv is a city in Sokal Raion, Lviv Oblast of western Ukraine. Population: 1,007. Uhniv is the smallest city of Ukraine apart from a couple of cities in the ...


Location. Adam Dylewski /. Varyazh – a village in western Ukraine, Sokal Raion, Lviv Oblast. It is located 19 km west of Sokal, 88 km north of Lviv, 547 km west ...