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Sokal Raion is a raion (district) of Lviv Oblast (region) in western Ukraine. Its administrative center is the city of Sokal. It had a population of 98,123 in the 2001  ...


Sokal (Ukrainian: Сокаль, translit. Sokal') is a town located on the Bug River in Lviv Oblast of western Ukraine. It serves as the administrative center of Sokal Raion (district).


Variazh (Ukrainian: Варяж; Polish: Waręż) is a former city (currently a village) in the Sokal Raion (district) of Lviv Oblast (province) in western Ukraine.


Interwar (Polish) District: Sokal. Interwar (Polish) Province: Lwów. Modern District (county or raion):, Sokal raion. Modern Province (voivodeship or oblast):, Lviv ...


Kariv (Ukrainian: Ка́рів) is a small village (selo) in the Sokal Raion, Lviv Oblast of Western Ukraine. The total area of the village is 4.6 km2, and the population is ...


Here is a list of villages in Sokalskyi (Sokal) raion in L'viv oblast for which microfilmed church records are available. More information can be.


Sokal [Сокаль; Sokal']. Map: III-5. A city (1989 pop 22,400) on the Buh River and a raion center in Lviv oblast. It is first mentioned in historical documents in 1411, ...


The population of the districts (raions) and cities in the Lviv Oblast of regional ... Sokal's'kyj rajon [Sokal Raion], Сокальський район, District, 99,331, 98,098 ...


Uhniv is a city in Sokal Raion, Lviv Oblast of western Ukraine. Population: 1,007. Uhniv is the smallest city of Ukraine apart from a couple of cities in the ...