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Popular Q&A
Q: When can a bank seize funds from your account?
A: When you owe creditors, collectors or someone else, they can obtain a money judgment to seize funds or freeze it. See below link: Read More »
Q: How does merchant banking differ from traditional banking?
A: Traditional banks deal with individuals, offering loans and providing a place for members to store their money. Merchant banks focus mostly on international tra... Read More »
Q: How do I get my bank to return the money they seized from my bank...
A: Petition the court where the judgment was entered providing proof of the payment plan (and that you are complying with it)  The court should enter an order allo... Read More »
Q: Can Funds From a Bank Account Be Seized if There Is a Co-Holder?
A: Once you designate a bank account as a joint account, in the eyes of the law, the account belongs equally to both account holders. It doesn't matter if one pers... Read More »
Q: How do you stop creditor from seizing your bank account?
A: Uh, pay what you owe? They don't generally seize bank accounts until payment is LONG overdue and you haven't shown good faith in trying to pay it off, even if y... Read More »