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In general, a query is a form of questioning, in a line of inquiry. A query may also refer to: The Queries, a set of 31 questions outlined by Isaac Newton beginning ...

Query | Definition of Query by Merriam-Webster


a question or a request for information about something. Source: Merriam- Webster's Learner's Dictionary. Examples: query in a sentence. Tip: Synonym guide.

Query | Define Query at Dictionary.com


an inquiry from a writer to an editor of a magazine, newspaper, etc., regarding the acceptability of or interest in an idea for an article, news story, or the like: ...

Query DSL | Elasticsearch Reference [2.3] | Elastic


Elasticsearch provides a full Query DSL based on JSON to define queries. Think of the Query DSL as an AST of queries, consisting of two types of clauses:.

What is query? - Definition from WhatIs.com - SearchSQLServer


In general, a query (noun) is a question, often required to be expressed in a formal way. The word derives from the Latin quaere (the imperative form of...

query - Wiktionary


query (plural queries). A question, an inquiry (US), an enquiry ... passed to a database. The database admin switched on query logging for debugging purposes.

PHP: mysqli::query - Manual


mysqli::query -- mysqli_query — Performs a query on the database ... For non- DML queries (not INSERT, UPDATE or DELETE), this function is similar to calling  ...

Query Language Reference (Version 0.7) | Charts | Google ...


The query language provides the ability to send data manipulation and formatting requests to the data source, and ensure that the returned data structure and ...

QUERY - Docs editors Help - Google Help


Runs a Google Visualization API Query Language query across data. Sample Usage QUERY(A2:E6,"select avg(A) pivot B") QUERY(A2:E6,F2,FALSE) Syntax ...

Mongoose Queries v4.5.9


In mongoose 4, a Query has a .then() function, and thus can be used as a promise. When executing a query with a callback function, you specify your query as a ...

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What is Query (Database Query)? Webopedia Definition


A query is a request for information from a database. There are three general methods for posing queries: Choosing parameters from a menu, query by example ...

Query Documents — MongoDB Manual 3.2


Query Method; Example Collection; Select All Documents in a Collection; Specify Query Filter Conditions; Query on Embedded Documents; Query on Arrays ...

Query DSL | Elasticsearch Reference [1.4] | Elastic


elasticsearch provides a full Query DSL based on JSON to define queries. In general, there are basic queries such as term or prefix. There are also compound  ...