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What does acreage "more or less" mean? - LANDTHINK


My sense of things, however, is that “more or less” has come to be used as a general shield for sellers who convey acreage short of what they've advertised and ...

Survey Shows Less Land Than Was Represented - Advice? (buyer's ...


Just had survey done, couple issues, but the one that bothers me most is the original owner had 1.423 acre land, when she sold it, it seems she ...

What US land is really worth, state by state - MSN.com


Jul 3, 2015 ... Total acres: 62.3 million (8th largest). An average acre in Wyoming was worth just $1,600, less than any other continental state. Like most ...

What is a fair price per acre for land? (homestead forum at permies)


It can generally be bought for a lot less, i.e $1000 - $4000 / acre, depending on ..... Or better stated, I would guide you in the direction of buying more rural land, ...

United States v. 564.54 Acres of Land, More or Less | Casebriefs


View this case and other resources at: Citation. 490 U.S. 1068;109 S. Ct. 2070; 104 L. Ed. 2d 635;1989 U.S. Brief Fact Summary. The government condemned.

Raising Hair Sheep and Meat Goats | Meat Goats


Two enterprises best suited to small acreage and most likely to be profitable are ... forage, the most critical decision is the appropriate stocking rate for the land. ... Smaller ewes and does would have a lower animal unit equivalent and ... every 10 pounds of body weight is equal to approximately 0.015 animal unit equivalent.

Elements of a Successful Horse Grazing System - University of ...


ductive your soil is, needing more or less land in this spectrum. ... acres. 1000 lb. horse X 0.015 dry matter intake. (DMI)/day = 15 lbs. dry matter intake per day.

An Evaluation of Cost and Benefits of Structural ... - NCSU-BAE


as 1 acre and for watersheds as large as 100 acres or more. The example ... for a specific development may require more or less land, depending .... SA=0.015X.

land rental values and the agrarian economy - uc-davis economics


period, and was much less in the years 1760 to 1860 than standard accounts of the ... 1500-1789 is no greater than the growth rates Philip Hoffman finds for the Paris ... The 28,880 endowments for charity reported on held 442,915 acres of land, ..... No tithe information. -0.056. 0.015. -3.87. Fraction of land rented. “clear”.

Space Needs of a Ballfield | Beacon Athletics


For each additional parking space you'll need to add another 0.015 acre per space. ... The older the trees get between fields, the bigger and more dense the natural ... The other, less popular option involves having the whole field tilt from one ... With all of the above in mind, try to find land for your ballfield that will requir...