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How Long Can One Stay At 3cm Before True Labor? - Circle of Moms


Who knows how long it would have been like that. Helpful (7); Nice ... I was 3cm for 3 weeks sorry:( .... I was dialated 2cm an entire month before I had my baby.

3 cm dilated - Pregnancy-Info


How long can you stay dilated to 3 before you actually go into labor?

How Labor Progresses - FamilyEducation.com


Waiting for the cervix to dilate can be a long process with your first baby, and there isn't much you can do to hurry the process. The first stage of labor can be ...

38 weeks 3cm dilated, baby dropped - how long until active labour ...


I am 38 weeks pregnant and I just got checked - I am 3cm dilated. This morning I woke up ... How long do you think until I go into active labour?

2 CM Dilated, How Much Longer Will I Go Into Labor? | New Health ...


Many women want to know how long they have to wait for labor to start after the cervix is dilated. You will hear many say, "I'm 2 cm dilated, how much longer until  ...

Help! Baby's been engaged for weeks I'm dilated to 3cm & I'm going ...


Sep 13, 2011 ... I was dilated and just waiting. Finally they had to induce me. Ahh it is so frustrating I know. I would say go for a walk a long walk even if you are ...

Birthing with Guinever » how long does it take the cervix to dilate 5 ...


Feb 13, 2007 ... It takes a long time for the cervix to dilate 5 centimeters. ..... my doctor said my cervix is dilated 3 cm and 80% soft.. what does it mean how much ...

Mater Mothers - The three stages of labour


The cervix may still take around 1 cm per hour to dilate the final 3 cm. ... rate and usually, the dilatation from 1 to 5cm takes much longer than from 5 to 10 cm.

Does 1 cm dilated mean i can go into labor soon? | Mom Answers ...


Jun 2, 2010 ... With my next 3, I walked around 2-3 cm dilated for 3 weeks before I ever went into labor. ... Seems like they go on all day long. Haven't lost my ...

3 cm dilated...50% effaced...2nd baby...anytime soon? - BabyCenter


Jun 22, 2010 ... Went for my 39 week visit yesterday where the doc pronounced me 3 cm dilated, 50% effaced...and I haven't been having contractions.

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Stages of Labor: Early Labor, Active Labor & Transition Stage


Active Labor Phase – Continues from 3 cm. until the cervix is dilated to 7 cm. ... with a 30 second-2 minute rest in between; Contractions are long, strong, intense , ...

I'm 3cm Dilated and 30% Effaced. Will Labor Start Soon? - Trimester ...


Jan 25, 2014 ... Dilation and effacement don't indicate much, and can put more stress on you about when labour will start, or how long it will go for.

Q&A: I'm Dilated -- Will I Go Into Labor Today? - Parents


Find out what it means to go into labor and when you should start preparing.