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May 22, 2013 ... There are six ways you can tell if your website is credible. ... any research information is important, including information found on the Internet.

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information sources – and it also contains some very unreliable, biased sources of ... of each website you use, whether it's for a class assignment or your personal use. .... If the author references online material, does s/he ... 6. How does it all add up? ○ Compare the information you've gathered about your website to your  ...

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Dec 21, 2009 ... There are six (6) criteria that should be applied when evaluating any Web site: ... Is the information from sources known to be reliable? ... You can quickly determine a site's sponsor by looking for references at the top and/or .... For example, let's say you found an article in the online newspaper-The Truth a...

How to Judge the Reliability of Internet Information


However, judging the reliability of sources found on the Internet is crucial ... In one corner there might be reliable sources from whom you can obtain valuable information. ... Can you verify the information on the Web page some other way?

Helpful Hints to Help You Evaluate the Credibility of Web Resources


How to differentiate credible from fraudulent information is not a new problem, but ... 6. Does the information have a complete list of works cited, which reference credible, authoritative sources? If the information is not backed up with sources, what is the author's ... The site can give you clues about the credibility of the sou...

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Try the CRAAP method when evaluating all the sources you use in relation to your research. It's easy to ... Ask yourself the following questions to help you determine if a source is reliable: Author. Who is providing the information? What do ... Copy and paste a sentence into Google to see if the text can be found elsewhere.

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... criteria, used to determine the quality of print information in libraries, can also ... To determine how reliable and free from error the information contained on a ... Always remember to verify the information on the website with information found in ... If so, do these print sources provide you with additional information on who ...

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Any information that you use to support ideas and arguments in a research paper ... The domain suffix might also give you a clue about the geographic origin of a Web site. ... Generally, the information in these types of sites is credible and unbiased, ... If you can't determine who wrote the site or who or what is sponsoring the ...

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Nov 15, 2016 ... 4African Studies · 1Alumni · 6Anthropology · 2Area Studies · 2Art History · 16 ... If you want to determine if a book author is credible, check the ... These sections usually provide information on the author's credentials/areas of expertise, etc. ... And again, you can also search...

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A look at ways journalists can determine if a website is reliable. ... Data that once was only found in paper documents can now often be ... I'm making an obvious point: Look for websites that specialize in the kind of information you're seeking. So if ... 6. Look at the Site's Look. If a site looks poorly designed and amate...