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Negative HPT, but still pregnant? | Mom Answers | BabyCenter


Oct 5, 2007 ... 6 weeks ago i was late done a test it was positive, the next day it said negative i was gutted. For the last 6 weeks i have had 7 negatives but still ...

Could I Be 7 Weeks Pregnant | Mom Answers | BabyCenter


Oct 3, 2007 ... I took 2 pregnancy tests in August but it said i wasn't. iv'e been really ... I took 3 pregnancy tests at 4, 6, and 8 weeks along and all came out negative. ... I took 9 at home pregnancy test before the 10th one showed up positive.

Pregnant, but NO hCG??? | Mom Answers | BabyCenter


Feb 28, 2013 ... Yes yes YES you can be pregnant with negative urine and BLOOD ... Yes this is possible I'm now 8 weeks pregnant but blood and urine tests still negative, my ... and BABY came 5 months later (a little early but over 6 pounds).

If You Want to Trust Pregnancy Tests. Stop Reading Now. — Mom ...


May 17, 2010 ... If so, we would like a blood pregnancy test before we have you take another round. ... and everything was reading 9 weeks, 6 days. .... But I only had two negative tests before a positive. .... i got negative tests even a full week late…with TWINS. one would think that double the pregnancy hormone would ...

Think I am 6 but 7 weeks pregnant but Negative test after ... - Netmums


Which I am taking as Implantation Bleeding. make me 6 weeks but 7 weeks pregnant. I did take a few pregnancy tests after ovulation and one ...

Can I Get A False Negative Pregnancy Test At 4-6 Weeks Pregnant ...


Aug 7, 2012 ... Can I get a false negative pregnancy test at 4-6 weeks. ... Tests In The Last Two Weeks Both Came Up Negative, But When I Was First Pregnant ...

How Many Of You Got Negative Pregnancy Test Results But Were ...


Mar 16, 2010 ... How many of you got negative pregnancy test results but were actually pregnant ... Im two weeks late but I was told that I should wait until I miss my next ... i tock around 6 home tests and a blood test (which where all negative) ...

Is it Possible to be Pregnant if the Pregnancy Test is Negative?


However, did you know that pregnancy tests can show a negative result but you might ... negative pregnancy test however symptoms of pregnancy and no period for 8 weeks dr is sure I .... I am over a month late and have had 6 negative tests.

Pregnant For Months Without Knowing It? Statistics Say It's Possible


Dec 9, 2011 ... This is the hormone that makes a home pregnancy test turn positive. A baby that ... I just found out I am 20 weeks pregnant. ... I was in ICU for 6 days...the different doctors kept asking what happened to cause all of this at the same time. .... All my urine, blood & ultrasound test are negative but I feel pregnant.

Can a negative home pregnancy test be wrong? - Baby Hints and Tips


Jan 11, 2013 ... Have you ever tested negative home pregnancy test that was wrong? ... Yes kept getting negatives but didn't find out when I was nearly 9 weeks. ... a blood test and ultrasound to see how far I was and I was 6 weeks pregnant.