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Emotion is, in everyday speech, a person's state of feeling in the sense of an affect. Scientific discourse has drifted to other meanings and there is no consensus ... More »

Paul Ekman


He has created an "atlas of emotions" with more than ten thousand facial expressions, and has gained a reputation as "the best human lie detector in the world". ... of emotion; 4...

The Seven Basic Emotions: Do you know them? - Humintell


Jun 24, 2010 ... Humintell's scientifically validated, emotion recognition training tools features ... of individuals portraying the 7 basic emotions: Anger, Contempt, Fear, ... is one of the seven basic human emotions (along with joy, sadness, fear, ...

A List of the 7 Human Emotions | LIVESTRONG.COM


May 16, 2015 ... A List of the 7 Human Emotions Woman sitting on her lover's lap in front of a fireplace. Photo Credit Image Source White/Image Source/Getty ...

The 7 Human Emotions - Natural Health Zone


The 7 Human Emotions - Under normal circumstances, emotions are not a cause of disease. It is only when we are in a particular emotional state for a long time ...

Three Mistakes People Make about the 7 Basic Emotions - Social ...


Human beings have seven basic emotions. Unfortunately there is a lot of public misconception and people end up making wrong assumptions...

What Are The Seven Emotions? - Shen-nong Limited


Suwen (The Book of Plain Questions) says "The five yin-organs of the human body produce five kinds of essential qi, which bring forth joy, anger, grief, worry, ...

List of 7 Human Emotions | Understand Types of Emotions


A List of the 7 Human Emotions can be used to understand, heal, and grow from increased awareness. Learn about different types of emotions and their ...

All human behaviour can be reduced to 'four basic emotions' - BBC ...


Feb 3, 2014 ... Our research questions that human emotion comprises six basic categories. .... The Magazine's weekly quiz of the news, 7 days 7 questions.

Basic Emotions - Changing Minds

changingminds.org/explanations/emotions/basic emotions.htm

What emotion categories or dimensions can observers judge from facial behavior ? In P. Ekman (Ed.), Emotion in the human face (pp. 39-55). New York: ...

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Q: Simple Question - What are the 7 main emotions humans have?
A: Greed. Jellousy. Love. Sex. Sadness. Happiness. Agression. Read More »
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Q: Getting Control Over Our 7 Human Emotions.
A: According to Tony Robbins, "Nothing in life has any meaning except the meaning you give it. If you don't like the way you're feeling, change the meaning" What y... Read More »
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Q: How many human emotions are there?
A: Lots Read More »
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Q: What is the most overlooked human emotion?
A: Empathy. Read More »
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Q: In What Ways Are Human Emotions Rooted in Our Biology?
A: One of the most basic human emotions is fear. Fear ensures our survival by prompting us to remove ourselves from situations that may cause us harm. Without the ... Read More »
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