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The Seven Basic Emotions: Do you know them? - Humintell


Jun 24, 2010 ... Humintell's scientifically validated, emotion recognition training tools feature images of individuals portraying the 7 basic emotions: Anger, ...

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May 16, 2015 ... A List of the 7 Human Emotions Woman sitting on her lover's lap in front of a fireplace. Photo Credit Image Source White/Image Source/Getty ...

Emotion, in everyday speech, is any relatively brief conscious experience characterized by intense mental activity and a high degree of pleasure or displeasure. More »

What Are The Seven Emotions? - Shen Nong


The emotions are considered the major internal causes of disease in TCM. Emotional activity is ... conditions. The Pathogenic Features of the Seven Emotions: ...

Discrete emotion theory


Discrete emotion theory is the claim that there is a small number of core emotions . For example ... 5: 747–750. doi:10.1016/0191-8869(84)90124-7. Jump up ...

The 7 Human Emotions - Natural Health Zone


The 7 Human Emotions - Under normal circumstances, emotions are not a cause of disease. It is only when we are in a particular emotional state for a long time ...

Human Emotions - List of Human Emotions


Human Emotions. We experience happiness when we get a raise at work, surprise when we bump into an old classmate, disgust when we smell something  ...



Emotion, in everyday speech, is any relatively brief conscious experience characterized by .... Darwin argued that emotions actually served a purpose for humans, in communication and also in aiding ...

All human behaviour can be reduced to 'four basic emotions' - BBC ...


Feb 3, 2014 ... New research from Glasgow University challenges previous ideas that all human behaviour falls into six different emotions.

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Q: What are the top ten human emotions? - Quora
A: There are probably multiple emotions a human goes through,each day and under different ... Written Aug 7, 2015. There are ... Is human emotion measurable ? Read More »
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Q: How many emotions exist that a normal human being can ... - Quora
A: I am not an expert in this field. But I have done some basic research that I used for content ... 1. Affection 2. Arousal 3. Attraction (Having attraction towa... Read More »
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Q: What's the differences between feelings and emotions? - Quora
A: A lot of people use them interchangeably. Sometimes I do too. But there are differences. ... Human Behavior .... Intuition, Insights & Instincts - Key Diff... Read More »
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Q: Will human emotions, like happiness and sorrow, evolve into more ...
A: We are all different human beings. For such personal matter as emotions, I don't think that it is ... We are all different human beings. For such ... Writt... Read More »
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Q: Do all humans experience the same range of human emotions ...
A: No! Why? There are eight categories or conduits of energy we experience as emotion. They are .... Quora User, Iconoclast, polymath, geek, philosopher, ... Wri... Read More »
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