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A binary ionic compound is a salt consisting of only two elements in ... Type 1 binary ionic compounds are those in which the cation has only one form, or charge. ... The anion name uses the first p...

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Take into account that oxygen has a negative 2 charge (O-2) and there are 3 of them; therefore, to form this compound Cobalt must have a positive 3 charge ...

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Making the world better, one answer at a time. a cation and an anion ... Two components combine to create a binary ionic compound Name one of them? cation.

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Metal + Polyatomic ionionic compound (usually) ... usually form ionic compounds; many of them can form more than one cation. ... necessary to specify the charge in the compound name. ... Polyatomic ions are ions that are composed of two or more atoms that are .... Binary, since there are only two types of atoms.

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Learn how to name all ionic compounds, including simple... ... Naming polyatomic ionic compounds that have transition metals in them is also ... A polyatomic ionic compound is a compound made up of a polyatomic ion, which is two or more ... If it can form more than one form of oxyanion, it gets a suffix of either -ate or -ite.

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A binary compound is made from exactly two different elements. ... Type1: The binary ionic compound in which cation can has only one form (charge), ... like many hydrocarbons, acids, bases and salt, few of them are given below. ... Rules for naming binary compounds Name the first element using the exact element name.

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Binary ionic compounds contain only two elements, one is the cation and the ... For our example, we will name the compound we made earlier using barium and  ...

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Convert between the chemical formula of an ionic compound and its name ... one Cu <sup>2+</sup> cation associates with two Cl <sup>-</sup> anions to form a neutral compound.

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What are the steps in naming binary ionic compounds? ... to Be · A Binary Ionic Compound Is Made of Two Components Name One of Them · Salts Are Covalent  ...

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Ionic compounds on the other had have atoms or molecules that bond to one ... Below are other examples of simple ionic compounds made up of single atom ... Note that when there is two or more polyatomic ions in the formula the ion is ...