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A car travels 65 km in 1 hour. What is its average speed in meters ...


Jan 2, 2016 ... Its speed is 18.05 m/s Its average speed is, according to the description, 65 km/h, them you just need to transform the units like this: ...

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To convert speed from Kilometre per hour (Km/h) into metre per second (m/s), ... If a car covers first 60 Km in one hour, second 60 Km in 1 hour 20 minutes ... The total time taken; His average speed during the whole journey ... A motorist travelled the distance between two towns , which is 65 Km, in 2 hours and 10 minutes.

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Nov 22, 2005 ... If a car's average speed is 65 miles per hour, this means that the car's ... A car travels between 2 towns 60 miles apart in 2 hours. What is its average speed? ... If a person can walk with an average speed of 2 meters/second, how far will ... There are 60 seconds in 1 minute, so there are 4 (60 seconds) = 240 ...

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a. 2.50 m/s<sup>2</sup>. b. 10.00 m/s<sup>2</sup>. c. 5.00 m/s<sup>2</sup>. d. 4.00 m/s<sup>2</sup>. Hint. 2. A car moving north at 8.0×10<sup>1</sup> turns and travels south at 65 km/h. What are the magnitude and ...

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If someone walked 400 m in a straight line in 5 min, their average speed would be ... 100 m [W] in 1.00 min and finally 100 m [S] in 1.75 min, their average speed would be ... You drive a car for 2.0 h at 40 km/h, then for another 2.0 h at 60 km/ h. a. What is .... 1. An automobile travels on a straight road for 40 km at 30 km/h.

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and if you divide the distance travelled by the average speed, your result will be the ... it took to complete the trip will allow us to calculate the speed of 618 miles per hour. ... A car travels from one city to another at a steady speed of 60 miles/ hour. ..... meters, let us first convert the speed of the train from km/hour to meter...

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miytesvwmw is closest to the calf's average rate of speed, in feet per hour? / ... A car is traveling 50 miles per hour. ... While riding on a carousel, Angela travels a distance of 65 meters every 15 seconds. What is her speed in kilometers per hour ? .... at the same time, from points 30 miles apart, to ride their bikes toward each...

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it has an average speed of 50 meters/10 seconds, or 5 meters per second. If an object travels a distance of 100 kilometers in the course of an hour, it has an average speed of ... Energy, Ch. 3, extension 1 Calculating average speed and velocity. 2. 1/4 meters ... km/h? During the 30 to 45 minute interval, the car traveled at.

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(2) The left side of the equation (1) is the speed of the boat relative the bank of the .... Question 1049484: A car travels 228 km in 2 hours (with a constant speed) . .... with a velocity of 21 meters per second from the top of a 48 meter high cliff, and it ..... On the way back to Phoenix your average speed is 5 miles per hour faster...

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John started his journey 3 hours earlier than Max to meet each other. ... One car travels 70 MPH both ways While the other travels 60 MPH there and 80 MPH back ... if the speed during the return journey was 10 km/h more, what were the speeds in m/s ... Determine the average speed in miles per hour for Jeffrey's round trip.

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a car travels 45 km in 1 hour. in each of the next 2 hours,


A car travels down the highway at speeds between 50 miles per hour and 65 miles .... 1.A motorcycle has a reserved fuel of 0.5 liter which can be used if it's 3- liter fuel ... (a) What is the average velocity of the car in m/s for the first leg of the run?

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Convert these speed units: centimeter per second ( cm/sec ), foot per second minute hour day ( ft/sec - ft/min - ft/h - ft/day ), kilometer per day ( km/d ) ... ( yd/sec - yd/day - yd/h - yd/min ), millimeters and inches time span and traveling speed values. ... Walking speed 1000 meters or 1 kilometer per 10 minutes ( m/min – km /min )...