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A character is more complex has depth and requires attention


A character is more complex has depth and requires attention? A character is ... Because they are younger and need more attention to help them learn. Also ...

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Jan 31, 2013 ... The more complex the controls and the steeper the learning curve, the more ... The block button however, has always just made a hard game harder, .... games should be frivolous and not on the level of needed attention that real life demands. ... Supposedly my character was fresh from his academy, yet I ...

Rethinking Scale - The Evergreen State College


has four interrelated dimensions: depth. sustainability. spread, and shift in reform ... is a complex endeavor. It not only .... That is, scaling up not only requires spread to additional sites, but ... diverts attention from the central purpose of most attempts to .... able to analyze the character and qualiry ofsocial interaction and.

Using Webb's Depth of Knowledge to Increase Rigor | Edutopia


Sep 4, 2014 ... Norman Webb's Depth of Knowledge Levels is a system that ... Level 4 tasks require the most complex cognitive effort. .... Hess shows that you can have a Creative activity (high level on Bloom's) that has a relatively low DOK level, while a .... Energy and Calm: Brain Breaks and Focused-Attention Practices.

Attention and working memory: two basic mechanisms for ... - NCBI


Aug 14, 2014 ... This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. .... That subjective time requires to be mentally constructed in order to be .... The constructive character of language is further evidenced by its intrinsic periodicities. ... but also more complex forms of perception involving top-down attention control, do not ...

Six Habits of Highly Empathic People | Greater Good


Nov 27, 2012 ... ... identifies it as a key character strength that can enhance life satisfaction. ... Cultivating curiosity requires more than having a brief chat about the weather. ..... where no one has seldom if ever paid more than a little attention to my being ..... superficial, sensory reaction; it has a hidden depth and complexi...

Authentic Tasks (Authentic Assessment Toolbox)


Thus, our most meaningful assessments ask students to perform authentic tasks. ... a more complex task usually representative of more meaningful application. ... what a student can and will demonstrate has been carefully structured by the ... items that typically require more direct application of knowledge and skills.

What if the Secret to Success Is Failure? - The New York Times


Sep 14, 2011 ... Riverdale is one of New York City's most prestigious private schools, with a ... that Riverdale and other private schools require for admission to kindergarten and .... kids had some depth of character that low-income students lacked. ... The military has developed its own complex evaluation, called the Whole ....

The Framework Elements - The Cognitive Foundations of Learning ...


Virtually every child raised in a normal linguistic environment has the ability to distinguish ... Later, ask students to describe what they heard in more complex syntax ("First I ... This requires a strong vocabulary and an appreciation for morphology, but ..... Teachers need to focus the child's attention on the letters that ...

Main findings: Teens, technology, and human potential in 2020 ...


Feb 29, 2012 ... The most recent nationally representative surveys of the Pew Internet ... human brain is wired to adapt to what the environment around it requires for survival. .... in human attention and depth of discourse among those who spend most or ... concerns about humans' future ability to tackle complex challenges.

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25 Things A Great Character Needs « terribleminds: chuck wendig


Jan 13, 2014 ... *receives one more note* Oh, thank you, what a wonderful note! ... A good character is complex because that means they are like — gasp! ... Just as a character has questions, he also has answers — answers that he never wants ... Quirks can be an amateurish way of giving your character depth — in part ...

Characters - Theory Book - Dramatica


Then we will turn our attention to the Subjective Characters: Main and ... Often this results in a Protagonist who has a purpose and an Antagonist comes ... As we shall see later, Complex Characters are much more diverse and ..... This creates two very interesting Characters who have an additional degree of depth to them: ...

Blizzard explains why Heroes of the Storm isn't Dota for babies ...


May 21, 2014 ... The problem is that the game has already earned something of a ... Certainly people who have enjoyed [Hearthstone] are finding a lot of depth." .... There are more complex games to be experienced out there if you want to ..... I pay attention to: ... DOTA was born of Blizzard's characters and RPS gameplay.