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Understanding Depth and Complexity - Envision Gifted


Understanding Depth and Complexity and Content Imperative Tools. ... As you examine each icon, pay close attention to the design, as it will help to reveal its ... effect of a pattern or identifying relationships among patterns is rigorous and requires .... This powerful tool facilitates a more complex exploration and can easily be ...

Characters - Theory Book - Dramatica


Then we will turn our attention to the Subjective Characters: Main and Influence. ... The Protagonist then has the goal of stopping the Antagonist. ... As we shall see later, Complex Characters are much more diverse and ..... This creates two very interesting Characters who have an additional degree of depth to them: an ...

End-to-end speech recognition with neon - Nervana


Dec 9, 2016 ... These are complex models that require elaborate training recipes and demand ... Speech Recognition (LVCSR) system as long as one has access to relatively .... Each unit in the softmax layer corresponds to a single character in the ... Most of the model's hyperparameters, e.g. the depth of the network, the ...

Character Strengths Profile - VIA Institute on Character

www.viacharacter.org/www/Portals/0/VIA Pro Report.pdf

This VIA Pro report is intended to be a deep dive into the character strengths of this individual. This report may be .... Love of learning has been associated with healthy, ... How does the breadth and depth of this individual's .... decisions that are greatest in importance and require more ..... Honesty is a complex, rich human.

Attention and working memory: two basic mechanisms for ... - NCBI


Aug 14, 2014 ... As Schacter (1999) has shown, memory generally suffers from .... That subjective time requires to be mentally constructed in order to be .... The constructive character of language is further evidenced by its intrinsic periodicities. ... but also more complex forms of perception involving top-down attention ...

Visual Attention and Applications in Multimedia Technologies - NCBI


To work efficiently in a variety of complex environments, animals and machines ... feature maps but requires the resources of a more powerful attentional mechanism. ... A more differentiated view of visual search has emerged since Treisman's ..... a more realistic behavior of a virtual character, to improve interactivity in 3D ...

Narrative Complexity in Contemporary American ... - julia eckel

juliaeckel.de/seminare/docs/mittell narrative complexity.pdf

television has redefined narrative norms in a series of ways that I label “complex. ... complex narratives are richer and more multifaceted than ... sign that media critics are turning attention to formal and .... soap opera narration can be quite complex and requires ..... traditional pleasures of character depth, neat resolution of.

Distraction as Liveliness of Mind - Digital Humanities Literary ...


ization using representations of attention—a paradigm in which distraction ... impulsive quickness to a single moment because Austen has so finely .... on a generative but ultimately limited paradigm of psychological “depth” that requires ... discussion to descriptors of character far more complex than the flat and the round.

Blizzard explains why Heroes of the Storm isn't Dota for babies ...


May 21, 2014 ... The problem is that the game has already earned something of a ... Certainly people who have enjoyed [Hearthstone] are finding a lot of depth. ... how each character plays and, more importantly, how they can play if .... It's not complex, which isn't a big deal if it requires some amount of ..... I pay attention...

5 Myths of Password Security - Stormpath


May 3, 2013 ... Pay attention to the e-mails sent after hacks like these, and you'll notice they ... Password best practices are something Stormpath has already covered in depth, but always from a ... Simply put, adding length increases entropy more efficiently than .... The latter has a 60 bit complexity (6 bits per character), ...