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Manhattan Project


A relatively simple gun-type fission weapon was made using uranium-235, an ... There were fears that a German atomic bomb project would develop one first, ... physicists Leó Szilárd and Eu...

The Story of the Atom Bomb


Late in 1938, in Berlin-Dahlem, an experiment in nuclear chemistry touched off a wave ... which even reached the front pages of the most conservative newspapers. ... Dr. Lise Meitner, a mathematical physicist, knew, however, that something .... This fissionable isotope has an atomic weight of 235 instead of 238 which is the ...

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This is just the word used by science to differentiate the two electrons and any ' spin', ... The two electrons have slightly different character that's all. ... This has lead quantum physicists to calling them (and some other particles) wavicles ... uranium 238 does not pass through as quickly as the UF6 made from uranium 2...

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Aug 25, 2009 ... Like uranium 235, element 94 would be an incredibly powerful explosive. ..... As to the notion that Einstein who was a German writing a letter to FDR, ..... and have sufficient knowledge of physics, chemistry and metallurgy, unless ..... have been used against the Russians on the Eastern Front during WWII?

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Jan 31, 2012 ... To make <sup>235</sup>U, we take 92 hydrogen atoms, add 143 neutrons, and stir. ... <sup>238</sup>U, for instance, will typically spit out 8 “teeth” and 6 electrons (beta) in its journey to ... We can use the chart to follow the two reaction types: ... the critical number of neutrons implies some sort of lithium enrichment on the front-end.

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Laboratory endeavors range from studies of nuclear chemistry and physics to inquiries into ... Fearing Nazi Germany would initiate a crash program to develop atomic ... Albert Einstein signed a letter to President Roosevelt in 1939 that called for the ... uranium-235 could be separated from uranium-238 for weapons use, and ...

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however, the Laboratory does not endorse the viewpoint of a publication or ... This view of actinide environmental chemistry shows some molecular .... Plutonium in Use—From Single Atoms to Multiton Amounts 10 ..... physics is such that the odd number of neutrons (143) in uranium-235—as opposed .... In a letter to Gen.

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How to use the atomic number and the mass number to represent different ... And then the combined numbers of protons; and neutrons, that would be three. ..... Uranium has two naturally occurring isotopes: Uranium-235 and Uranium-238. .... noted that chemists (and I include myself) are sometimes sloppy with the use of ...

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Each element has its own name and a one- or two-letter symbol (usually derived ... Hence it has 92 protons, 92 electrons,and 238 - 92 = 146 neutrons. ... We can use the data in Table 1-1 to calculate the total mass of these particles: ..... The chemist can count atoms and molecules in the laboratory simply by weighing them.

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Deep space probes beyond Jupiter can't use solar power because they're too far from ... But plutonium-238 isn't found in nature; it's a byproduct of nuclear weaponry. .... Indeed, health physicists and radiation experts agree that most granite ..... Segre' had, consequently, to ensure that plutonium and uranium-235 ...

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Q: What letter would a chemist use in front of 235 or 238.
A: U from uranium. 235. U. and. 238. U. (recommended); also possible U-235 and U-238 or uranium-235 and uranium-238. Read More »
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Q: [Expert Answer] A chemist or physicist use what letter in front o...
A: U, for uranium. Read More »
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Concern about the military potential of fission would lead physicists to ... Edwin McMillan used the large neutron flux from Lawrence's 37-inch-diameter cyclotron to ... McMillan and Seaborg would share the Nobel Prize for chemistry in 1951 for ... the scarce isotope uranium-235 from the much more abundant uranium-238.

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In 1939, the two scientists drafted a letter (addressed from Einstein) warning United ... an explosive chain reaction were either U-235 (derived from U-238) or P-239 (an ... In 1942, Italian physicist Enrico Fermi (1901–1954) supervised the first .... use against a Japanese city was unnecessary and immoral and would start a ...

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Q: Because plutonium's fissionable, can it be used as bomb material? A: Now, that must be ... And let me call them by their names, uranium-235 and uranium- 238. .... So it totally changes the character of the nuclear waste problem. Q: What is ... Q: Do you think most people trust the DOE nuclear physicists, the utilities? A: No.