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Pontiac Solstice


The Pontiac Solstice is a sports car that was produced by Pontiac. ... Although first-year production was planned at 7,000, General Motors apologized to customers for delays ... The 2008 economic re...

Tailpipe Smoke | Car Emissions - Consumer Reports


Thick blue or gray smoke that doesn't dissipate quickly is most likely the result of ... It can be caused by something as minor as clogged oil passages or it may point ... If your engine is burning enough oil to produce visible exhaust smoke, the oil ... My Account · Customer Care · Report a Safety Problem · Car...

Help! My vehicle is burning oil and smoking. What can I do?


It can be a gut wrenching feeling to start your vehicle and find smoke spewing out of the exhaust pipe. For most ... on Wednesday, 04 February 2015 in Auto Care Articles ... We took a look at the past 4 years of customer data to find instances where our ... These sludge issues cause oil to be burned and the exhaust to smoke.

Smoke Signals - Berrima Diesel Service


As a general rule, the first cause of a diesel that's blowing white smoke will be ... One particular customer came to us after having the 1HZ engine in his 80 ... A tuned turbo-diesel would also blow smoke but usually this is anywhere under 15 or 16:1. ... It only takes a tiny amount of oil to produce blue smoke from the exhaust.

My Car is Making a Loud Noise - What's Causing it?


May 6, 2014 ... It could come from damage to your auto exhaust system. ... Exhaust systems on vehicles produced in the last 15 years have gotten much better. ... without causing any concerns, but every now and then a customer comes in with a ..... bill of rights (1) · blue liquid leaking (1) · BMW preventive maintenance (1...

My Car Emits White/Black Exhaust Gas! - Vol. 165 | PicknBuy24.com


"Our 3 Commitment for Customers" on the Click here to read. ... from your car's tailpipe should be colorless at all times, with just a slight blue-grey tint. ... If you notice that your car is producing black smoke from the exhaust pipe, it is very ... A rich fuel mixture can be cause by a number of different factors, incl...

About Carbon Monoxide - Texas Gas Service


Carbon monoxide can be produced under these conditions. ... water heating appliances, auto exhaust, blocked chimney flues and malfunctioning fuel-burning  ...

The Real Winner in the VW Diesel Scandal? Hybrid Cars | WIRED


Sep 24, 2015 ... Diesel fuel is denser in energy than gasoline, but also produces more ... with a gas engine, because scrubbing the exhaust gas of nitrogen oxide and other ... Matt DeLorenzo, managing editor of news for Kelley Blue Book, guesses ... If you don't trust Das Auto, you can buy a diesel-powered BMW 3 Series, ...

How to Test for Head Gasket Failure - RepairPal


Catastrophic cylinder head gasket failure can be easy to determine. ... Auto Care Advice: How to Test for Head Gasket Failure ... A large stream of white smoke billowing from the exhaust and an overheating engine are sure signs. ... drive may be necessary to confirm the customer's complaint of coolant loss or overheating.

Engine Repair | Mobile Tune Up And Repair


*What does BLUE smoke from my exhaust mean? ... Along with environmental damage, burning oil can cause rough starts, as the process can ruin the car's spark plugs. ... This Week In Automotive History: VW Bus Enters Production ... A lot of our Houston customers prefer to go through this exercise with an automotive ...

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Causes of Blue Exhaust Smoke - CarsDirect


Blue exhaust smoke only at start-up can indicate worn piston seals or damaged or worn valve guides which may also cause a rattling noise. An external engine ...

What could cause blue exhaust - Answers


What is the cause of blue smoke from exhaust only in the morning on first takeoff but not blowing blue ... The blue smoke is produced by the engine burning oil.

Blue Exhaust, Engine Loses Power, Removing Rear View Mirror ...


Blue Exhaust, Engine Loses Power, Removing Rear View Mirror Bracket, and More in Mike Allen's Auto Clinic. Most Popular. Share · Tweet ... After much discussion he said he would add coolant and I could go. By then the blue smoke .... A: This is a normal cosmetic blemish caused by the splice in the plies. Q: I have a 1995 ...

Exhaust and Muffler - Auto Repair Greensboro, NC


That's because driving with an exhaust leak or bad catalytic converter can damage ... to cancel out the sound waves produced by the engine, keeping your car quiet. ... The blue smoke coming from your car's tailpipe is an indication that one or ... This condition can cause poor fuel economy (bad gas mileage), poor engine .....

GM oil consumption and blue smoke - Auto Service Professional


Oct 10, 2011 ... On rare occasions, customers may complain of excessive engine oil consumption and/or blue exhaust smoke. This applies to a number ... Generally, this would not be a concern until several thousand miles have accumulated.