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The Peterborough Chronicle one of the Anglo-Saxon Chronicles, contains unique information ... The first continuation, for example, is written in late Old English, but the ... document usually called The Peterborough Chronicle is divided into the "first ... An arguably eyewitness account describes the burning of Peterborough ...


A first-hand account is unique from other documents because it is written? ... Do unique ideas of other authors need to be documented the way exact quotations ...


May 8, 2017 ... Assignment and Application of the “Unique Identifier” Under TSCA .... Comments: EPA will hear oral comments at the meeting, and will accept written comments and .... have a single unique identifier, assigned the first time EPA makes a ... identity in all other documents that use the same unique identifier.


Sep 13, 2017 ... With more than 1000 unique titles and 1,000,000 pages dedicated to ... from reservations and tribal culture because of federal Indian termination policies ..... Firsthand accounts reveal how Indians lived, thought, and fought to protect .... diaries and other written documents that we associate with other groups ...


This first-hand account provides a distinctive inside look at lesson study from an ... What are the unique features that constitute lesson study in the Japanese context? ... includes the guests, teachers reflect on their experience, document findings, ... Over the next decade, Yoshida, Stigler, Lewis, and other researchers began ...


Mar 25, 2013 ... An analysis of the literary relationship of the first three Gospels in terms of both shared material as well as material unique to each; ... On the other hand, while the Gospel of John sometimes resembles the ..... Because of the location, Luke's version of Jesus' teachings is known as the Sermon on the Plain.


Examples may include: books or articles written on a topic, artworks ... Newspapers often contain a mixture of first and second hand accounts. ... If not, you could gather and print the documents from the links or from other activities on this DVD.


If you were writing a paper about American culture in the Depression, this would be ... Because they are first-hand accounts of life in the past, created during the time ... This window is especially important for historians because, unlike other ... a newspaper, an oral history account, a diary entry, a government document, etc.


Neither biographies nor objective historical accounts, the gospels resembled ... The first three of these are usually referred to as the "synoptic gospels," because they look ... I don't think that the people who are responsible for those documents were ... Among other things, they were writing for an audience, or audiences, who  ...