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Domestic roof construction is the framing and roof covering which is found on most suburban ... Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. ... The steepness or roof pitch of a sloped roof is determined primarily by the ... Heavier under purlins or purlin plates are used to support longer rafter spans.


What is a Timber used to support roof or ceiling? These timbers are called joists; most are made of pine. They can range from 4inch to 12 inches deep' normal ...


Help · Powered by ikonet.com · HOME :: HOUSE :: STRUCTURE OF A HOUSE ... Vertical member used in walls to support the double plate and to which the wall ... and attached to the floor joists at their ends to form the exterior framework. ... Diagonal frame member of a sloped roof resting against the tie beam and the ...


Jan 27, 2016 ... Learn how a white roof helps cool a building in hot sunny weather. ... Two main types of roofs are flat roofs and sloping ones. ... Gable and hip roofs can also be used for homes with more ... Vaults and domes do not require a supporting framework directly below the ... building construction: Timber frames.


One type of ceiling supports an attic area beneath a sloping (pitched) roof. Another type serves as the framework of a flat roof. ... between ceiling joists is usually 16 inches OC, although 24-inch spacing is also used. ... Each strongback holds a ceiling joist in line and also helps support the joist at the center of its span .


some basic terms and definitions used in roof construction; we will then ... The hip roof has four sloping sides. It is the ... framework of all roofs are called rafters. They do for ...... of the house, common rafters also help to support the basic rafters.


It is commonly used on lean-to structures, such as additions. Mansard (image 4) A ... Both types of construction will support any common roof coverings. Cut Roof  ...


A framework of beams that support the roof. ... at the end of the roof (end of the eaves) used to allow water to run-off and drip clear of underlying construction.


A support used to stiffen a frame, placed across a corner at an angle to the supported members. ... chamber in which compressed air is used to help hold back surrounding water and mud. ... A horizontal beam used in roof construction to tie or connect a pair of ... A framed structure projecting above a sloping roof surface.


The exterior finish nailed to the side of the end rafter or truss of a gable roof. ... A temporary framework used to assist in locating the corners when laying out a ... A framing structural member used to support a series of joists, trusses or rafters, ... Our handy converter can help you convert your dimension lumber to board feet.