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A variety of sentence pattern can alleviate choppy writing thathalts and stops, ... Good writing is enhanced by sentence emphasis and variety in what way? ... Emphasis is the principle of the paragraph composition in which the ... What is a sentence using the emphasis word in a sentence? ... Sentence and Word Structure.

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Sentence structure variety makes content more readable and improves its overall quality, ... Using too many sentences of the same length and structure can make writing bland, while sentences of different lengths enliven paragraphs and allow for ... Long sentences are useful for incorporating a great deal of information.

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Mar 1, 2013 ... This resource presents methods for adding sentence variety and complexity to ... Sections are divided into general tips for varying structure, a discussion of sentence types, and ... To enliven paragraphs, write sentences of different lengths. ... Many really good blues guitarists have all had the last name King.

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Related information about varying sentence structures can be found through these links: ... Notice how the writer of this paragraph starts each sentence and clause with a ... Alternating between lengths allows writers to use sentences strategically, ... Adjusting your sentence type during a final revision is a great way to create ...

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If you chose the second paragraph, you have a good eye for style. ... Many possible ways to improve a piece of writing exist. The point is to look .... Let's now practice imitating the structure of this sentence using a different subject. take notes ...

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Using a mixture of different sentence structures reduces repetition and adds emphasis to ... Now read the revised paragraph with sentence variety: .... the beginning of sentences is a good way of introducing sentence variety into your writing.

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Review these sentence variety examples for ideas on how to add variety to your ... other people's attention, use the following sentence variety examples as a model. ... After a series of compound-complex sentences, conclude a paragraph with a ... There are many ways to vary your sentences; play with variation until you are ...

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In this video, we will cover ways to structure... ... One of the best ways of getting better at expressing yourself is through a good understanding of sentence structure. ... language writing, and how to determine the right ones to use for your essay. .... How to Structure Paragraphs in an Essay 7:07; How to Structure Sentences in ...

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Effective writing includes variation of sentence structure, vocabulary, and ... Some of the best ways to vary sentence format are by adding and rearranging clauses. ... There must be a good reason to choose a particular sentence structure or a ... Using different tones can catch the reader's attention and liven up your work.

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Sentences: Variety, Types. ... The speech is quite a ramble, filled with Falstaff's lively good spirits. ... and by irregular volubility turn themselves any way as it might happen; if the prince of the lights ... The same principle can apply to repeated whole sentences in a paragraph. .... Try using a variety of basic sentence stru...