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In audio engineering, a fade is a gradual increase or decrease in the level of an audio signal. ... This is called the “Pulse Continuity Phenomenon" and was measured by a tapping-along .....

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n. pl. cres·cen·dos or cres·cen·di (-dē). 1. Abbr. cr. Music. a. A gradual increase in the volume or intensity of sound in a passage. b. A passage played with a ...

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In music, a sound that has a definite pitch is called a tone. ... Crescendo: A gradual increase in loudness. ... Decrescendo: a gradual decrease in loudness. It can ...

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Define crescendo: a gradual increase in the loudness of a sound or section of music — crescendo in a sentence.

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Also known as a noise reducer. omplementary .... fadein: Gradually increasing the loudness of a signal level from silence (or hom "black" in video). fadeout: ...

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The pitch is usually only the lowest, strongest part of the sound wave, called the .... In analog equipment, distortion increases gradually the more the audio signal  ...

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What is a gradual increase in average global temperature called? ... Most cities and counties have noise ordinances that are enforced by the local police.

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Dec 2, 2016 ... Accelerando, accel - Gradually faster. ... Allargando, allarg - Slowing of tempo, usually with increasing volume; most ... Caesura - A sudden silencing of the sound; a pause or break, indicated by the following symbol: // .... Leading tone - The seventh degree of the major scale, so called because of its strong ...

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Directs the musicians to play with gradually increasing tempo. Accidental: Symbols ... Also called a round. Chord: A ... Dissonance: A combination of sounds that produce harsh, discordant results, and increase the desire for resolution. Do: The ...

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Oct 21, 2012 ... iPhone 5 alarm—is there an option to have an “increasing melody” for the alarm? ... stock alarm built into the iPhone, there's no option for you to enable a gradually increasing volume alarm. ... I got an app called "Chronology".