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Phoenicia was an ancient Semitic thalassocratic civilization situated on the East Mediterranean ... Their civilization was organized in city-states, similar to those of Ancient ... century BC, peopl...

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Feb 14, 2011 ... 3. A group of northern European port cities organized themselves into what came to be called the. A. Commercial League of North Europe.

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What new invention(s) were introduced into Christian Europe from elsewhere in ... A group of northern European port cities organized themselves into what came to be called the a. the ... The Islamic pilgrimage to Mecca is known as the A. hajj.

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by way of Italy came oriental luxury goods - silks, sugar, and spices. Trade Routes ... From Venice. and other northern Italian cities, trade flowed through such passes as the ... Along the main European trade routes, astute lords set up fairs, where ... In each town the merchants and artisans organized themselves into guilds,.

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The continent can be divided into regions by ethnic majorities influenced by early colonial development. The mixing of ethnic groups from Europe, Africa, and Asia with each other or with ... The countries of South America are working among themselves to network trade .... In 1531 CE, he founded the port city of Lima, Peru .

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May 11, 2016 ... Hanseatic League, also called Hansa, German Hanse, organization ... The league dominated commercial activity in northern Europe from the 13th ... Hanseatic port of Hamburg, manuscript illumination from the Hamburg City Charter of 1497. ... The league came into being when those various associations  ...

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This deadly disease was spread into Europe by the westward migrations of the .... B. Why the Renaissance Began in the Italian City-States: As was mentioned in the ... paramount style--education was changed to favor what came to be known as .... and thus galvanized, they organized themselves into a separate church, the  ...

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Many of the key locations in the Cycladic Islands were coastal ports and were on .... The period from 1100 to 800 B.C. is known as the Dark Age of Greece. ... By 1200 BC the Greeks had occupied most of the northern sections of the peninsula ... seem to have belonged to the group which later came to be known as Ionians.

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Nov 7, 2014 ... Port-Au-Prince was never an easy place to live. ... On its northern half rose the Massif du Nord; in the southwest, the Massif de la Hotte and Massif de la Selle. ... potters and weavers who organized themselves into chiefdoms. ... coast called Cap-Français, close to where the Europeans had first arrived.

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The period we are going to study this week is called the Middle Ages. By this ... It was during this period that Europe's development came to depend less on the .... The Roman Empire had been organized around cities that were economic, cultural, and ... He conquered northern Italy, Saxony, Bavaria, Brittany, and into Spain.